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Linux Mint 21.1 Vera: Download and Install Guide

Hello readers, much awaited Linux Mint 21 has been released. It is a LTS release, means we will get support and updates till 2027. Vanessa is the code name for Linux mint 21 and it is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

You must create an installation USB to install Linux Mint 21 on your computer. To create an installation USB, you must download the Etcher application. Why Etcher? It is a cross-platform tool that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download and install Etcher here.

how to download linux mint 21

I used the mintupgrade tool and everything looked fine at first glance. Than recognized that my printer and scanner drivers have been deleted and that I could not reach most of my favorite websites, e.g. linuxmint.comI used timeshift to restore my system, but the issues mentioned above are still present. Therefore I am using my smartphone for writung here.Due to my experience I cannot recommend to use the mintupgrade tool! Any ideas, how to fix the issues?

Hello Clément, a big thank you to you and to those who participated in the development of this superb distribution. I downloaded Mintupgrade and did the update in less than an hour everything works perfectly. I prefer this kind of update where we have the choice to do it or not without constantly receiving a notification to install it.Very nice job.

Actually it was the first time I had some trouble using mintupgrade. But I admit, it might last on my used unofficial packages. Thanks to Timeshift I had no worries to get my machine back running! Today I spent nearly same time with a clean install of LM 21 Cinnamon and everything went fine (took some time to restore all my settings). The change to Blueman made solaar obsolete and touchstick/touchpad on Thinkpad T570 work fine out of the box, no need for the synaptics-driver anymore. Many thanks for your work, guys!

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Update on min/max icons:Just out of curiosity, I tried to create an entirely new user on my system just to see if the problem is connected to some config carried over from the previous version. The new user has proper mint-y min/max window icons. So now my question is which config in my actual user folder should I edit to get proper icons here too?

The mintupgrade tool is solid, user friendly and well engineered, like the rest of Mint. However, it is trying to do an almost impossible task. There are over half a million files in my installation of Mint, and trying to work out the dependencies between them is too much. Even a well engineered tool like mintupdate takes a long time to work through every eventuality. Rolling different parts of the OS backwards and forwards to satisfy every possibility is very complex, especially as installations differ so widely.

#sudo mintupgradeUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refusedUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refusedUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

i am not an expert, just a beginner with linux, and now I do not know how to get on with upgrading, the upgrading tool says that i have to do apt update again, and repair the faults that are shown, but I do not know how to.Can please help someone me with this problem?

Scott: The issue you are describing is so vague. Have you downloaded all the latest updates? There were some this morning for Cinnamon and mutter. Could you please check the bug tracker and see if it has been resolved and if not, file a bug report against it? -beta/issuesThe window to file and get a bug resolved is fast closing.

Harry,Sorry for being so vague Newbe. Updates installed, but still does not work. I did not see the issue in github, so I added new issue. Issue number 157. When I go to Extensions and download and install transparent panels it does not work with default theme or other themes. Works great in 20.3. If you need something else let me know and I will try to provide. Remember still new to linux but willing to try.

Binding windows to the set location does not work when configured manually, everything worked before in mint-20.3, after opening the browser opens in full screen although it should remember the location.

Hello. Tried to do a early install of LM21. Installation failed, twice. Had to timeshift myself back to LM20.3. That at least worked. It was not the first time I tried this early and it never went wrong. I will go with my original plan A and wait for the official release and upgrade. But right now, I am not optimistic. My laptop is a System76 made to run linux and never any distro installation failed. Very disappointing.

i confirm this version of linux mint is really bad, outdated applets, outdated extensions graphical interface is always the same i was expecting a small revolution on this version 21 but this time they took 10 steps back i am extremely disappointed.

This is just a suggestion a) first off install the X-Org non proprietary graphics driver i.e. Nouveau display driver and once installed that should work OK. b) This would allow you to run the driver manager & re-install the same or previous Nvidia driver you used from 20.3. If the Nvidia driver worked in 20.3 I cannot see why it wouldnt work in mint 21. Hope that helps?

so just a quick question i have 2 laptops one still has mint 20.3 on it the other i did a clean install on mint 21 on runs nice i prefer to do clean installs any way want to test 21 out before i upgraded my main laptop to 21 here is the question is mint 21.1 a full new upgrade like from 20.3 to 21 or is it just a update like lets say 20.2 to 20.3 i dont want to install 21 on my main laptop if 21.1 is a full upgrade i will just wait for 21.1 but if i upgrade it now to 21 will 21.1 just be like a patch update

It seems from the beginning of time the Linux internet community is discussing, blogging, and vlogging intensively about Linux Mint, one of the most popular Linux distributions. It is extremely popular among both beginners and advanced users, who just want to get things done with their operating systems. So you want to know how to get your hands on one of the most popular, stable, and user-friendly Linux distributions? In this article, which is the start of a complete refresh of all my previous Linux Mint 18 based articles, you will learn how to download the most recent Linux Mint 21. In this article, you will learn how to download Linux Mint 21, so you can create a Linux Mint 21 Live USB stick to try it out in a live environment, or just install it right away.

On this download page, you see 3 variants that you can choose from based on 3 different types of desktop environments, Cinnamon Edition, Mate Edition, and Xfce Edition. In all my Linux Mint tutorials I will use Cinnamon as a foundation, so also for this tutorial Cinnamon is my starting point. Cinnamon is the flagship and most popular desktop environment offered by the Linux Mint team.

That was it. In the following tutorials, I will explain how you first must verify your downloaded Linux Mint ISO file, and when verified, I will explain how to transfer your newly downloaded ISO file to a bootable USB stick so that you can use it as an installation medium or as a live USB drive.

You can download Linux Mint 21.1 from the Linux Mint website once the release is officially announced, or grab it early from an official Linux Mint download mirror (the United Kingdom mirrors already have it).

To add support for shared folders, drag and drop, proper acceleration and display resolution in Virtualbox, click on the "Devices" menu of Virtualbox and choose "Insert Guest Additions CD Image". Choose "download" when asked and follow the instructions.

To install Linux Mint 21 from USB, first, download the iso file of Linux Mint 21, make the USB bootable with the downloaded iso file, and finally install it on the computer. This post demonstrates a step-by-step guide to installing Linux Mint 21 from USB.

Change the look and feel of Cinnamon with themes! To install a theme: Download it and decompress it in /.themes. You can also download and install themes straight from within Cinnamon, using the "Themes" configuration tool in the "System Settings".

Earlier this month, we also learned that the controversial systemd-oom will thankfully not be included in Linux Mint 21, while the Blueman Bluetooth manager will replace Blueberry. And now, the developers have shared something much more exciting than tidbits of information -- actual ISO files! Yes, the Beta of Linux Mint 21 "Vanessa" is now available to download.

Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distribution based on Ubuntu (which is in turn based on Debian), bundled with a variety of free and open-source applications.[5][6] It can provide full out-of-the-box multimedia support for those who choose to include proprietary software such as multimedia codecs.[7] Compared to Ubuntu, it uses a different Cinnamon interface by default,[8] using a different, more traditional layout that can be customized by dragging the applets and creating panels. New applets can also be downloaded.[9]

On February 20, 2016, the Linux Mint website was breached by unknown hackers who briefly replaced download links for a version of Linux Mint with a modified version containing malware. The hackers also breached the database of the website's user forum.[18][19] Linux Mint immediately took its server offline and implemented enhanced security configuration for their website and forum.[20]

Linux Mint comes bundled with a wide range of application software, including LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, HexChat, Pidgin, Transmission, and VLC media player. Additional apps can be downloaded using the package manager, adding a PPA, or adding a source to the sources file in the /etc/apt/ directory. Linux Mint allows networking ports to be closed using its firewall, with customized port selection available. The default Linux Mint desktop environments, Cinnamon and MATE, support many languages.[80][81] Linux Mint can also run many programs designed for Microsoft Windows (such as Microsoft Office), using the Wine compatibility layer.


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