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Beyblade Metal Fury Episodes 33 In Hindi

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Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 33: The Beasts Awaken

Beyblade Metal Fury is the third season of the Beyblade anime series, based on the toy line of spinning tops with customizable parts. The story follows Gingka Hagane and his friends as they battle against a group of evil Bladers called Nemesis, who want to use the power of the legendary Star Fragment to destroy the world.

In episode 33, titled "The Beasts Awaken", Gingka and his allies face off against Nemesis' strongest warriors, the Four Season Bladers. Each of them possesses a Beyblade that represents one of the four seasons: Dynamis with Jade Jupiter (winter), Aguma with Scythe Kronos (autumn), Bao with Variares (summer), and Keyser with Beat Lynx (spring). The Four Season Bladers unleash their full potential and summon their beast forms, which are based on mythical creatures: a dragon, a phoenix, a unicorn, and a sphinx.

The battle is intense and fierce, as both sides clash with their powerful attacks and special moves. Gingka and his friends try to overcome their opponents' overwhelming strength and skill, while also trying to protect their Star Fragment from falling into Nemesis' hands. Will they be able to defeat the Four Season Bladers and stop Nemesis' evil plan

To find out, watch Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 33 in Hindi on Dailymotion[^1^] or YouTube[^2^]. You can also watch other episodes of Beyblade Metal Fury in Hindi on these platforms.

Meanwhile, inside the ruins, Rago continues to control Proto Nemesis with his dark power. Pluto is amazed by Rago's ability and declares him as the true Child of Nemesis, the one who will bring destruction to the world. He orders Rago to destroy Dynamis and the others, but Rago refuses. He says that he does not need Pluto's orders and that he will destroy everything as he pleases. He then unleashes a powerful attack that sends Proto Nemesis flying towards Dynamis and his Jade Jupiter.

Dynamis tries to defend himself with his special move, Gravity Brave, but it is no match for Proto Nemesis' power. Proto Nemesis breaks through Jade Jupiter's defense and hits it hard, causing it to explode. Dynamis falls to the ground, defeated and unconscious. Pluto is shocked by Rago's strength and wonders if he can control him. Rago then turns his attention to Aguma and Chris, who are still recovering from their previous battle. He tells them that they are next and prepares to attack them with Proto Nemesis.

Back outside, Gingka and the others are still fighting against Johannes and his allies. Gingka tries to break through their defense with his Cosmic Pegasus, but he is blocked by Beat Lynx and Scythe Kronos. King joins him with his Variares and uses his special move, King of Thunder Sword, to create an opening for Gingka. Gingka then uses his special move, Cosmic Tornado, to blast away Beat Lynx and Scythe Kronos. He then charges towards the entrance of the ruins, hoping to reach Rago and stop him.

However, he is stopped by a new enemy: Herschel with her Duo Uranus. She tells Gingka that she is one of the Nemesis Bladers and that she will not let him pass. She launches her Beyblade at Gingka and attacks him with her special move, Uranus Hammer Crush. Gingka tries to counter with his Cosmic Tornado, but Duo Uranus proves to be too strong and overpowers Cosmic Pegasus. Gingka is shocked by Herschel's power and wonders how he can defeat her. 248dff8e21


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