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Always On Display Clock Live Wallpapers [Adfree [PATCHED]] [Latest]

Always on Display feature works slightly differently on phones from different smartphone manufacturers. While some OEMs like Samsung provide you with a lot of options and designs to choose from, other OEMs like the OnePlus provide a lackluster experience. So if you like to improve the always-on display functionality or try new clock faces, here are the best always-on display apps you can download on Android.

Always On Display Clock Live Wallpapers [Adfree] [Latest]


Most always-on display apps do not add any additional info to the display. They only bring you time, music control, and notifications which are possible with most Android phones. But if you like to try new clock faces, effects, and animations, then they are definitely worth checking out. My personal favorite is Muviz Edge because all I want is a bit of animation when playing music and the option to get notified visually.

Always on display pro adfree versionAOD Plus a unique Always on display in the market.Feature loaded always on AMOLED notifications for you.Do much more without unlocking your phone.Always on Edge.Edge lighting readyMissing notification light? You are in a right place.Always on wallpaper readyAlways on clock widgetAlways on informationCan be used as lockscreenFree AMOLED display clock screen saver is used to display clock on screen. This lock screen clock widget have both Analog clocks and LED digital clock templates. To display on lock screen clock download this amazing time widget app.Download photo clock wallpaper app that provides information about date, time and notification on super amoled screen clock widget. If you have LED digital clock widget app you dont even need to touch your phone screen to see whats going on in your mobile. This analog clock widget is design to show basic info on Super AMOLED screen.All information on picture clock wallpaper wont disappear from the screen. Even if you have password-protected your screen and it is locked all the info like date, time will be displayed on a lock screen with customized text clock on screen. If you are in search of stylish clock or customized text clock or you want to display quote on screen this photo clock wallpaper will meet your needs.Why AOD plus ?All pro features are free.The only always on display with sense weather animationsUnique swipe gesture menuReply to all chats like sms. watsapp, facebook right from the always on displaydirect call your favorite contacts right from the always on displayphoto clock a unique clock with customizationweather clockcalculator with historyTo do notes with server synchronization can be used with multiple devicesTimerStopwatchFull landscape modelast Notification badge (the most recent)Prayer TimesiSilent mode(one click silent make your phone like iphone, blackberry with or without scheduled)Full weather infoSee full notification details like status bar.Comparatively consumes less power than any other Always on display in the market.Real burn in protection it revolves through entire screen not just a few pixelsNo more brightness issue like in stock AODTake advantage of your AMOLED display to see notification details, weather and much more without unlocking the phoneFeaturesDate n timeUnlimited notification icons with badgesTap to see full notification details like status bar. Swipe left/right to dismissLow pixel engine helps reducing power consumptionIn built burn protectionVolume rocker to mute/unmute phone like BBLive Brightness Press n hold on clock widget to adjust brightnessTap on hold on date to see calendar events(this will give you a quick glance of upcoming events for two months period)Music controlsMiss call reminderAnd many moreHappy Aoding :)

The YoWindow Awesome Weather app offers six widget options as well as ten live wallpapers showing weather in your area. Additionally, you get an alarm clock that wakes you up to the sounds of nature, a weather screensaver, and weather maps. The radar and weather maps can be tried for five days, after which you'll need to purchase the full version.

Here in Always On Edge, mobile users will have themselves the fully-featured mobile app to enable cool lighting options and creative edges on your always on display, instead of showing the common clocks or quick notifications. Plus, you can also use its features to customize your lock screen and home screen, making Always On Edge a lot more functional and convenient for mobile users.

And for those of you who are interested, you can now have fun creating your own unique animated backgrounds in Always On Edge, each allowing you to enjoy their unique visuals and fun animations. Have no troubles using the smooth live wallpaper animations with codes and cool colors. Try out the smooth animations of various live wallpapers from different categories, including nature, romantic, technical and many more. All of which comes with customizable colors and images, so you can always enjoy the awesome app to the fullest.


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