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South Park S17e08 1080p Vs 720p ((FULL))

Arino and company search for the game center that's the farthest south possible in Japan.It was in 2006 that Arino ventured to the far north of Hokkaido to find the northernmost game in Japan, and in 2008 he'll do the exact opposite. Finding the southermost game is a great excuse for a trip to Okinawa to enjoy the food, the sun and maybe play a couple of games.After checking out a mechanical prize game on the side of the road, the crew fill up on tempura in Okinawa City. Then it's on to a candy shop with a few arcade games including the perennial mainstay, Metal Slug.To the southwest is Senaga Island and their next destination, Senaga Island Sports Park. The sports park packs quite a few arcade games including, to the glee of Arino, a game with a love test mode for him to try out with Kibe.Day 2 now and the weather has started to turn. After hitting another arcade the crew receive a tip that there might be arcade machines at a local meeting hall. Will this lead them to the southermost arcade game or will it just leave them chasing their tails?

south park s17e08 1080p vs 720p

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In true Japanese TV fashion this impetus for this episode is a pun. Arino all travel the 4 K's of Shikoku's 4 regions in glorious 4K (presented here in 720p)! Arino will be undergoing his own version of the famous Shikoku Pilgrimage but instead of visiting 88 temples he'll be attempting to play 88 arcade games.Along the way he'll meet any manner of man, machine and monster much to the chagrin of Kibe. All whilst keeping in mind the goal of 88 arcade games being he makes it to his final destination, a fan meetup in Kagawan theme park.But of course no travel episode would be complete without a challenge to accompany it. For that challenge Arino will be playing the appropriately themed and named, Kiki KaiKai for the TurboGrafx-16. A predesessor to the Pocky & Rocky games, Arino must guide Sayo-chan on her own pilgrimage in order to release the seven lucky gods. Will Arino conquer feudal Japan? Will luck be on his side? Will there be enough footage? Watch to find out!


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