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Asher Ward
Asher Ward

Delphi Xe Update 1 ##BEST## Download

The update itself should be in the RAD Studio Registered Users Updates page, but it is not there yet. So how do you get it? I'd suggest a direct download (again, only for registered users, after they log in) from the Code Central site at Since under Windows 7 (with UAC enabled) the automatic "check for updates" as you run the RAD Studio IDE is broken, I tried (as suggested in the release notes) manually activating the "Check for Updates" entry in the RAD Studio program group. This run and found the updates, as you can see below, but continuing it ended up in some limbo: the user interface disappeared and while the program kept running it seemed to get no where. I feared it might have be waiting for some input or UAC permission... but with no user interface it was hard to tell. I might have waited more time, but decided to stop it after some time (The reason it didn't actually work is detailed later). RAD Studio installation and updates are clearly still not very UAC-friendly.

Delphi Xe Update 1 Download

So back to the standard approach. The full download of the update was very fast (despite the size of 159 MB or 167,293,101 bytes). I extracted the ZIP file content and was suggested to do three installs:

The overall installation process took quite some time. The main Delphi / RAD Studio Update took me about half an hour to set up, which I found quite annoying. Here is the initial screen (with no hint to the fact this is an update):

Certainly there is room for improvement from Embarcadero. The install process got much better over the last few versions, but installing updates is still slow and error-prone. (There are also reported incompatibilities with DDevExtensions) There are quite a few "nice" bugs fixed, so I guess it is worth to spend the time to Upgrade your installation of Delphi or RAD Studio XE.

A.) Seek and destroy all Indy files that come with Delphi. These are no good as the Indy project is updated every single day with new bug fixes. If Delphi picks up any of the old files instead of your new fresh Indy library, you will get crazy errors from the IDE at all different times that are very hard to trace.

B.) Download the latest from (If you get a compile error or runtime error using this zip file for any of the steps below -- don't be discouraged! Re-download the zip file on the following day and try again. This zip file gets updated every day and there is a chance that there may be some bugs/errors on any given day.)

IMHO Embarcadero should find a solution about its own code depending on an "unstable" library like Indy. That's not acceptable in a professional environment, especially since they are unable to release official updates including the bug fixes from Indy beyond a few months from release. For example I found lately that Indy 10.5.5 mail message parsing truncates mail addresses, that not happens in 10.5.8. Of course the 10.5.5 behavior is not acceptable, I am forced to upgrade...

So starting now, a new madExcept license will give you 1 year access to all minor and major updates/upgrades for free. After the 1 year period, you have the option to extend your subscription. If you don't, you will still be able (and allowed) to use all madExcept versions that were released within your subscription interval "forever". However, you will no longer get access to new madExcept builds released after your subscription has run out.

improved DestroyIpcQueue to avoid leaks and freezes improved Chrome sandbox uninjection improved "FOLLOW_JMP" to work with Bitdefender x64 CreateIpcQueue supports a custom security descriptor [delphi] fixed: initialization could eventually (rarely) crash [driver] fixed: another potential Windows 10 crash (32+64bit) [driver] fixed: wow64 injection freeze in XP/2003 (x64 only) [driver] fixed: VirtualBox x64 injection freeze in Windows 7

improved DestroyIpcQueue to avoid leaks and freezes improved Chrome sandbox uninjection improved "FOLLOW_JMP" to work with Bitdefender x64 [delphi] fixed: initialization could eventually (rarely) crash [driver] fixed: another potential Windows 10 crash (32+64bit)

fixed: injecting multiple 32bit dlls in x64 OS crashed fixed: uninjecting DLL twice at the same time crashed fixed: IPC messages sometimes contained wrong session id fixed: incompatability with MSVC++ 2012 on Windows 8 added support for csrss injection in Windows 8 added new FOLLOW_JMP flag for HookAPI/Code fixed crash when hooking system APIs in x64 MSSQL [delphi] fixed: 64bit injection crash when using Delphi XE2/3 [driver] fixed: Verifier blue screens when using ex/include lists [driver] fixed: closing processes in x64 OSs sometimes froze [driver] fixed: injection failure with MSVC++ 2012 hook dlls

Delphi XE includes Regular Expression support, something that has been requested many times over the years. In this blog post I'll show some basic usage of regular expressions in delphi. I'm assuming you already understand regular expressions and the associated terminology, if not take a look here for some tutorials etc.