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Return To Planet X V0.8.8 Apk

Full game. No In-app purchases.Return to Planet X is a close combat singleplayer first-person shooter in which you will have to smash tons of alien bugs and shoot your way through the secret military base located on a distant planet.

Return to Planet X v0.8.8 Apk

شرکت سازنده: Butterflyware Studiosنام انگلیسی: Return to Planet Xشماره نسخه: v0.8.8.19نام فارسی: بازگشت به سیاره اکسپلاتفرم: Androidویرایش پلاتفرم: Android 4.1 or laterتاریخ انتشار: 16:30 - 1397/9/11 2018.12.02منبع: پی سی دانلود / www.p30download.irامتیاز: 4.5/5

Earlier this month, PlatinumGames confirmed Hellena Taylor would not be returning as the voice of Bayonetta in the third outing Bayonetta 3 due to "various overlapping circumstances". In an update, the voice actor has now directly responded to this - taking to social media to explain in her own words why she supposedly didn't voice the character in the third game.

@Zach777 it depend on the size of the script, since Hellena Taylor voice Bayonetta, she have a lot of dialogue to record and we don't know, if Jeniffer Hale is also voicing the Bayonetta variants(that i assume Hellena Taylor would do if she has returned to voice Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3).

3) Taylor is the only one that we know won't return, so this means everyone else reprising their roles did accept what they were offered. The nerve! How could they! All the joy of the world for them, though.

First off, I love her as Bayo and would have been glad to see her return. And I can appreciate the fact she stood on her principles and refused an offer she felt wasn't enough. I don't know if it was high, low or normal. Surely they didn't offer her less than for Bayo2 and she accepted that. So... it seems to me she just wanted more, and maybe she deserved it. In fact, let's assume she did deserve more. OK fair enough. She rightfully voted with her actions and more power to her.

I'm sure her former co-workers don't miss her greed, arrogance and self-entitlement. And if she turned down returning to that job purely out of retaliation for what she believes is not a living wage, then she'd better have found herself a much better job. She's going to need it, especially if she did (or does) break any NDAs in case her former employer decides to come after her for it.

Both Platinum Games and Nintendo (since it is funding some, or maybe all of the game) have to respond to this with more than just a tweet about 'untruths.' I won't be boycotting the game but there are others who will and that's their right and I do think, now that we know one side of the story, the other parties involved owe people some type of explanation. Don't know for sure if this is an issue of being cheap or not. I can't imagine it would cost less to get Jennifer Hale to do the voice work as she is a big name in the game industry and has a longer list of credits recently. If they felt a bigger name might lead to more sales I could see going that route, but there should've been a better answer at the start than overlapping circumstances as to why the original voice actress didn't return. Companies sometimes really don't think this PR stuff through.

@Everyone My comment was wrong, now that I think about it, and have read the responses. Plus, my original comment was incomplete. I meant to say that my logic was on the assumption that she had other work simultaneously, in addition to her being Bayonetta. I thought something was off, back when it was revealed she wouldn't be returning for the threequel.

@PepperMintRex Not necessarily - she made her comments in response to them publishing misleading information about why she wasn't returning. NDAs are hardly bullet-proof at the best of times and their comments would make it difficult to go after her for breaching it.

I hope I'm not the only one that recognizes the tactics PG used here. I feel like, if this account is accurately portrayed, that PG didn't want her to return, for whatever reason. So rather than not offer her the role at all, not allow her to audition, or tell her she's being replaced..... they offered her something they knew she'd reject. So then they can recast with their choice & say they still offered her the role. It's a pretty manipulative business tactic but it seems pretty common in the entertainment industry. Because you know Jennifer Hale didn't get paid 4k....she got paid a fair wage because she was the VA they actually wanted.