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The purpose of this paper is to develop a research agenda that will assist in deepening our understanding of the social dynamics of virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are computer-based simulated worlds that are populated by human-controlled avatars, or graphical representations of individuals. These worlds are real-time, interactive societies based on three-dimensional Internet technology. Interaction in virtual worlds has developed a set of behaviors, which are unique to each world.

book 3 avatar download 42

Despite going through a tough year in 2022, Facebook remains the most used social platform worldwide. For marketers trying to reach almost every demographic, Facebook is a required component of a social marketing strategy.

Facebook lands behind huge brands like Amazon, Google, and Walmart to land in 7th place for 2022 with a brand value of $101.2 billion. Apple holds the top spot with an estimated brand value of $355.08 billion USD.

While the global monthly usage Facebook stat above has the platform in third place, it actually comes in fifth for daily use time by American adults. For this stat, TikTok rules the roost with nearly 46 minutes of daily time spent.

The vast majority of clicks through to websites are coming from Facebook. For comparison, Twitter comes in second place at only 9.02%. If you want to use social to drive traffic to your blog or online store, Facebook is your best bet.

Facebook ad prices have been falling based on data challenges related to iOS updates and third-party cookies. While you may not always be able to target as precisely as in the past, there is ample opportunity to reach specific audiences with an interest in your brand, at lower rates.

But TikTok social commerce is skyrocketing (look at the growth trajectory on that chart!) and eMarketer predicts TikTok and Facebook will have equal numbers of purchasers in the United States in 2023.

Manage your Facebook presence alongside your other social media channels using Hootsuite. From a single dashboard, you can schedule posts, share video, engage your audience and measure the impact of your efforts. Try it free today.

When you implement your RACE Growth System plan, you can measure and optimize your results through a data-driven process proven to generate growth for your business. Join Smart Insights as a Free Member to download your RACE Growth System guide today.

Datareportal regularly updates its massive global compendium of social media statistics, which gives some great insights into the world of social media. It's a great download for including slides for your presentations.

Notably, of the top 4 social media platforms, 3 are owned by Meta. Facebook is the most-used platform in total - but as marketers, we know it's crucial to consider different trends of usage for different demographics, as we'll see below.

Since it is still the top dog, I'll share the Facebook demographics from Sprout Social Media's 2022 report. But you can get this breakdown for each channel and more in the report. This report was last updated in March 2022.

More interestingly, the stats breakdown below shows which social media channels are used by which genders, ages, education level, race, and political affiliations. For example, Facebook is a regular source of news to nearly double the amount of women to men. Nearly two thirds of Snapchat's regular news consumers are aged 18-29.

The 2021 median average engagement rate per post (by follower) on Facebook is 0.064%, across all industries. Sports Teams see the highest engagement, achieving an average of 0.27%, followed by Influencers with 0.23% and Higher Education with 0.15%.

Engagement rates are significantly higher on Instagram compared to Facebook. As you can see the 2021 average median engagement rate per post (by follower) is more than 10x higher, despite engagement on Instagram dropping approx 30% between 2020-21.

We find a higher frequency on LinkedIn or Twitter tends to be more effective. The results from Instagram and Facebook show a clear preference for around midweek at midday, so you should consider this when scheduling your post updates. 076b4e4f54


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