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Woldemar Nikonov

Amisco Pro Software UPD

Video motion analysis is used by sportsprofessionals, athletes and coaches to gather information by using digitalmovie cameras to capture moving images and then using software whichallows the captured images to be analysed frame by frame. In thecase of individual sports men and teams video motion analysis can assessthe performance of speed and acceleration and measure body movementsand the activity of the muscles.

amisco pro software

The process of video motion analysisis that a tripod is used to mouth a video digital camera, a person ormoving object would be filmed with a scale in full view of the digitalcamera. The video motion analysis software will then process theinformation recorded by the moving object or person and then give thedata in the form of the time between frames and movement and the timeddata. The data from the video motion analysis will be recorded in realtime values enabling a person to get accurate measurements.

There are many video motion analysissoftware available to buy online by commercial sports companies thatoffer packages for real time analysis or frame by frame video motionanalysis. Free video motion analysis software can also be downloadedfrom the internet, however they could be relatively old and it is recommendedthat professional software be bought in order to get the best results.

actions using match-analysis software (Athletic, Mode Amisco Pro, Nice, France). The functioning, accuracy, and reliability of the Amisco Pro system in measuring player movements and coding game-specific events in elite soccer competitions have been described in more detail elsewhere [18, 22, 23, 24].

The figures present the descriptive statistics calculated for the movements performed by the players and distances covered by them with regard to the playing position and intensity range. Multi-factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the players' motor activities and mean distances covered by them in regard to the playing position (CD, ED, CM, EM, and F) and range of movement intensity/velocity (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6). Initially, a complete model was used to evaluate all interactions. Statistically non-significant interactions were then ignored, and the significant ones were analysed using the ANOVA. Statistically significant differences between mean values were measured with the Tukey HSD test. The level of statistical significance was set at p

This brand includes our innovative broadcast technologies and serves customers who require live production software and hardware. These include television stations and groups, venues, houses of worship, corporate and government entities, educational institutions, and others.


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