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Status Quo

But if businesses want to stay competitive, change is necessary. According to Gartner, the typical organization today has undertaken five major organizational changes over the past three years. Find out what status quo bias is and how you can address it at your organization.

Simply put, status quo bias negatively affects your ability to make decisions. Your ingrained preference for stability keeps you from judging different options fairly, which may cause you to miss out on valuable opportunities.

A hiring manager interviews several candidates for a position. The candidates that he chooses to move on to the next round all have similar experiences and personalities to his own. Unconsciously, the hiring manager is favoring candidates that are less likely to disrupt the status quo of the company.

Overcoming cognitive biases is part of effectively inspiring change in the workplace. At a large scale, the poor decision making caused by the status quo bias can greatly affect the success of your organization. The company may miss out on new growth opportunities simply because the individual employees were afraid to take a risk.

One of the best ways to reduce status quo bias is to simply acknowledge it when it happens. Whenever a new change is proposed at work, pay attention to how you react. Are you hesitant? If so, why? Getting to the root of your concerns can help you determine if status quo basis is playing a role.

In this review, we consider the potential functional role of beta-band oscillations, which at present is not yet well understood. We discuss evidence from recent studies on top-down mechanisms involved in cognitive processing, on the motor system and on the pathophysiology of movement disorders that suggest a unifying hypothesis: beta-band activity seems related to the maintenance of the current sensorimotor or cognitive state. We hypothesize that beta oscillations and/or coupling in the beta-band are expressed more strongly if the maintenance of the status quo is intended or predicted, than if a change is expected. Moreover, we suggest that pathological enhancement of beta-band activity is likely to result in an abnormal persistence of the status quo and a deterioration of flexible behavioural and cognitive control.

The Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine said that a few days ago, Israeli occupying forces stormed the Aqsa Mosque compound/Haram al-Sharif, shooting at worshippers and desecrating the mosque with military boots and violence. He pointed out that 200 Palestinians, including women and children were wounded and 400 arrested, yet Israel claims it is upholding the historic status quo.

It is ludicrous to place mobs of violent rioters on the same moral scale as a law-abiding democracy making every effort to keep the peace, and such a comparison plays directly into the web of lies spun by terror groups, he said. Israel always ensures the freedom of worship for all religions and is committed to protecting holy sites and the status quo. The only ones breaking the status quo on the Temple Mount are Palestinian terror groups.

The Permanent Observer of the League of Arab States, echoing other speakers, said that, while the Council devotes attention to recent developments in Europe, it must not neglect the protracted conflict in the Middle East. He urged the Council to preserve the legal status quo of East Jerusalem, calling for the Council to organize a field visit to the city, intensify efforts to help revive direct dialogue between the two parties and support Palestinian refugees and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

RIYAD MANSOUR, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine, noting that every stone on every street of Jerusalem is a witness to the unique pluralism of the Holy Lands, said that, each year, thousands of Christian Orthodox pilgrims float to the Holy Sepulchre, to witness the Holy Fire, the symbol of the resurrection of C


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