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Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy


@Gamer_Zeus Even the original switch hardware isn't 10 years old. The switch came out in 2017 and the hardware was revised in 2019 in a silent revision that saw a boost in its power. Fallout 76 was a bad game to begin with, like almost every battle royale game is. The hardware is far from gimped, in fact running homebrew on it allows one to unlock the fps in games like monster hunter and it still runs well. Don't like the on board storage, just add an sd card. I have two 400gbs and paid under $30 for each. Not enough? it can handle a 2tb max. Offers plenty of storage when swapping sd cards out is easy. Unlike say a ps5 that requires a set of specific m.2 drives with a heatsink and requires more effort to swap. Yes the read/write speed is better, but for the majority the additional work to swap it wouldn't fit with what nintendo wanted. The switch has its flaws, but it is still a great system. Don't like it, get a steamdeck if you want a similar experience. If not, there are other consoles, or PC. Developing for the switch isn't holding any devs back.


@AndresDiaz6898 @monsterhunter Me da que los números de las probabilidades las tienes al revés, para pillar un talismán god las posibilidades son tan absurdamente bajas que es mejor ir a probar a ver si te cae un rayo en la calle. Hay un abismo de diferencia entre pillar un talismán god y el adorno de ataque+2

@monsterhunter Leí unos cuantos comentarios que decían que el problema era las espectativas que teníamos con el juego, que eran muy altas. Pues claro que tienen que ser así, para algo pagamos desde un inicio, nuestro dinero vale. Y si solo fuese una persona que se quejara bien, pero son cientos

@pakkin91 @monsterhunter No realmente, y he jugado la mayoria del DLC con hacha cargada. Hace dias se lanzo un parche y creo que corregia ese tipo de errores, en caso de que aun no lo hayas descargado.

Bello davvero @PlayDauntless, niente da dire. Ma solo il fatto di rimettersi a caccia nel Nuovo Mondo per prepararsi a #Iceborne è tutta un'altra cosa. Simili ma differenti a loro modo, @monsterhunter e #Dauntless... Credo torneremo sull'argomento! 041b061a72


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