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Sean Grandchamp

How To Install And Configure OpenShift Origin PaaS Server On Ubuntu [VERIFIED]

In OpenShift, while configuring master and client structure, master comes up with an inbuilt feature of OAuth server. OAuth server is used for generating tokens, which is used for authentication to the API. Since, OAuth comes as a default setup for master, we have the Allow All identity provider used by default. Different identity providers are present which can be configured at /etc/openshift/master/master-config.yaml.

How to Install and Configure OpenShift Origin PaaS Server on Ubuntu

In this method, certificates for each host is configured during installation via Ansible. As it uses HTTPS communication protocol via Rest API, we need TCL secured connection to different components and objects. These are pre-defined certificates, however, one can even have a custom certificate installed on the cluster of master for access. During the initial setup of the master, custom certificates can be configured by overriding the existing certificates using openshift_master_overwrite_named_certificates parameter.

Once you install docker, you can run docker image with FreeIPA server installed.FreeIPA provides integrated security solution with MIT Kerberos and 389 LDAP server among other things . The image provides also Keycloakserver configured with LDAP Federation provider and enabled SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication against the FreeIPA server.See details here .


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