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Gravel is a discipline that is taking the cycling world by storm. There's something about stitching together a variety of road surfaces that evokes a sense of solace and adventure that is quite unlike the quotidian grind of discipline-specific terrain. As a result, the best gravel bikes are fast becoming more and more capable, equipping riders to even excel on terrain types that were once reserved for mountain bikes. And this shouldn't come at a massive expense - nope. Read on for everything you need to know about the best gravel bikes under 1,500.

Don't be put off even if the roadie comparisons continue. Gravel bikes feature either 700c wheels like a road bike or smaller 650b seen on some mountain bikes allowing space for a tyre, therefore more grip and comfort. Furthermore, even at this end of the gravel bike market, some bikes are still compatible with both sizes of the best gravel wheelsets, further boosting versatility.

The best gravel bikes shown here can be a real bargain and a cheaper bike doesn't mean a weaker bike. These low-cost options will fly along bridleways, forestry roads, farm tracks and singletrack trails for all-year-round fun on rides right from your front door.

Upgrades to your steed might be all you need to improve the fit, performance, and experience while on the trails. The wheelsets and tyres will be an excellent place to start, with these wallet-friendly bikes significantly impacting your gravel rides. Switching these heavier wheels out for the best gravel wheelsets will reduce the rotating mass and improve the handling. Likewise, swapping the tyres for tubeless-ready rubber will reduce the weight and allow you to run lower pressures.

Dean is a freelance cycling journalist based in Dorset, who enjoys travelling the world in search of the best trails. He has spent extensive time riding in the Alps and exploring iconic locations in Scotland, Aosta Valley, the Pyrenees, Finale Ligure, New Zealand and Whistler. In terms of racing, Dean has dabbled in DH, enduro to cross-country but has recently taken up exploring the UK with his gravel bike which has sparked a new interest in bikepacking culture.

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