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Watch Men In Black: The Series (Dub) Episode 11...

But, keep in mind, we are by no means the official authority on this subject, we just wanted to recommend our viewing preferences when it comes to these 26 anime series. Everyone can watch anime their own way, that's what's so great about subs and dubs and all the new streaming services that give us access to massive anime libraries. So, take these recommendations as exactly that, recommendations, not hard pressed rules on how to watch these anime series. With that said, let's take a look at some of the most popular, most interesting and most awesome anime so we can recommend which version to watch, the sub or the dub.

Watch Men in Black: The Series (Dub) Episode 11...

We highly recommend watching this series in whatever way you see fit, but if we had to suggest which version, we'd probably go with the dub, since it's much funnier and Johnny Yong Bosch is a delight as Vash, as is the rest of the dub cast in their roles.

Durarara!! follows several characters as they deal with the goings on of Ikebukuro, a city plagued by crime, gangs and supernatural happenings. What makes this series so interesting is that the perspective changes with each episode, as though the plot is the character that encounters other characters as it unfolds.

One might think that this would result in a confusing series were one to watch it in Japanese with subtitles, but this really isn't the case. Not only is the sub of Durarara!!not confusing, it is also a great way to watch, and our recommendation for the series.

As for which version to check out, we recommend the dub for two main reasons. First, the cast is great, each character feels unique and fun. On top of this, the dub makes the series easier for English-speakers to binge watch, which is necessary with its massive episode count.

We've described Blue Exorcist as "Hellboy in high school" before, and that description still holds up. The series follows Rin, the spawn of Satan who aims to become a demon-fighting exorcist, and we recommend watching it with its original Japanese cast.

Food Wars! was the sleeper hit of the last few Anime seasons, coming out from under the radar to become one of the best series of all time. How should you watch this cooking-based Shonen series? We recommend the sub over the dub.

Soul Eater is like Harry Potter, but if it was about a school that trained grim reapers rather than young wizards. As such, this anime is a great gateway series to get people into the medium, and if you're trying to get English-speaking newcomers to watch anime, dubs are much more accessible and palatable ways to introduce them.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures is weird, and unlike the previously discussed Soul Eater, it isn't really a gateway anime. But for those who love to watch anime and are looking for a crazy series to obsess over, we highly recommend checking out JoJo in its subtitled format.

The main reason for this is that the crazy nature of the series feels more unique and fun in Japanese. However, another good reason to watch the sub is that characters with names based on American trademarks aren't forced to have their names changed, thus more is preserved in the original.

The two main characters of Gurren Lagann, Kamina and Simon, are reason alone to watch it dubbed, since in English, they are voiced by Kyle Herbert (voice of adult Gohan) and Yuri Lowenthal (the voice of Ben 10 an PS4's Spider-Man). The rest of the cast is just as great, and the English dub in general is the superior version of the fantastic series.

While Blood+ and Blood-C are a part of the Blood series, they are different shows that share a few similarities. Even now, Blood+ still holds up against more modern works.Both series have plenty of action and amazing stories that are worth watching. 041b061a72


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