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Deus Ex Game Of The Year Edition ((BETTER))

Deus Ex is a 2000 action role-playing game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive. Set in a cyberpunk-themed dystopian world in the year 2052, the game follows JC Denton, an agent of the fictional agency United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO), who is given superhuman abilities by nanotechnology, as he sets out to combat hostile forces in a world ravaged by inequality and a deadly plague. His missions entangle him in a conspiracy that brings him into conflict with the Triads, Majestic 12, and the Illuminati.

Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition

Deus Ex's gameplay combines elements of the first-person shooter with stealth elements, adventure, and role-playing genres, allowing for its tasks and missions to be completed in a variety of ways, which in turn lead to differing outcomes. Presented from the first-person perspective, the player can customize Denton's various abilities such as weapon skills or lockpicking, increasing his effectiveness in these areas; this opens up different avenues of exploration and methods of interacting with or manipulating other characters. The player can complete side missions away from the primary storyline by moving freely around the available areas, which can reward the player with experience points to upgrade abilities and alternative ways to tackle main missions. Powered by the Unreal Engine, the game was released for Microsoft Windows in June 2000, with a Mac OS port following the next month. A modified version of the game was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 as Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. In the years following its release, Deus Ex has received additional improvements and content from its fan community.

In early 1998, the Deus Ex team grew to 20 people, and the game entered a 28-month production phase.[36] The development team consisted of three programmers, six designers, seven artists, a writer, an associate producer, a "tech", and Spector. Two writers and four testers were hired as contractors.[36] Chris Norden was the lead programmer and assistant director, Harvey Smith the lead designer, Jay Lee the lead artist, and Sheldon Pacotti the lead writer.[35] Close friends of the team who understood the intentions behind the game were invited to playtest and give feedback. The wide range of input led to debates in the office and changes to the game.[42] Spector later concluded that the team was "blinded by promises of complete creative freedom", and by their belief that the game would have no budget, marketing, or time restraints.[43] By mid-1998, the game's title had become Deus Ex, derived from the Latin literary device deus ex machina ("god from the machine"), in which a plot is resolved by an unpredictable intervention.[44]

Once coded, the team's game systems did not work as intended.[42] The early tests of the conversation system and user interface were flawed.[43] The team also found augmentations and skills to be less interesting than they had seemed in the design document.[42] In response, Harvey Smith substantially revised the augmentations and skills.[47] Production milestones served as wake-up calls for the game's direction. A May 1998 milestone that called for a functional demo revealed that the size of the game's maps caused frame rate issues, which was one of the first signs that maps needed to be cut.[48] A year later, the team reached a milestone for finished game systems, which led to better estimates for their future mission work and the reduction of the 500-page design document to 270 pages.[48] Spector recalled Smith's mantra on this point: "less is more". [51]

The Mac OS version of the game, released on July 13, was shipped with the same capabilities and can also be patched to enable multiplayer support.[60][61] However, publisher Aspyr Media did not release any subsequent editions of the game or any additional patches. As such, the game is only supported in Mac OS 9 and the "Classic" environment in Mac OS X, neither of which are compatible with Intel-based Macs. The Windows version will run on Intel-based Macs using Crossover, Boot Camp, or other software to enable a compatible version of Windows to run on a Mac.

In 2009, a fan-made mod called The Nameless Mod (TNM) was released by Off Topic Productions.[76] The game's protagonist is a user of an Internet forum, with digital places represented as physical locations. The mod offers roughly the same amount of gameplay as Deus Ex and adds several new features to the game, with a more open world structure than Deus Ex and new weapons such as the player character's fists. The mod was developed over seven years and has thousands of lines of recorded dialogue and two different parallel story arcs. Upon its release, TNM earned a 9/10 overall from PC PowerPlay magazine.[77] In Mod DB's 2009 Mod of the Year awards, The Nameless Mod won the Editor's Choice award for Best Singleplayer Mod.[78]

The game developed a strong cult following, leading to a core modding and playing community that remained active over 15 years after its release. In an interview with IGN in June 2015, game director Warren Spector said he never expected Deus Ex to sell many copies, but he did expect it to become a cult classic among a smaller, active community, and he continues to receive fan mail from players to date regarding their experiences and thoughts about Deus Ex.[111]

The game's critical and commercial success helped spawn a franchise with the release of Invisible War in 2003 and Human Revolution in 2011. These sequels have expanded on the already robust mythology of Deus Ex by introducing new characters, different time periods, and additional combat and stealth skills. The mixture of diverse gameplay and richly detailed story allowed Deus Ex to claim the game of the year title in 200 from IGN, Gamespy, and countless other gaming critics.

Deus Exe is a replacement executable for Deus Ex. It's compatible with the GOTY edition of the game, which includes the Steam version. It fixes various issues running on modern computers, helps you configure the game, and includes a mod manager.

1998. HALF-LIFE sends a shock through the game industry with its combination of pounding action and continuous, immersive storytelling. Valve's debut title wins more than 50 game-of-the-year awards on its way to being named "Best PC Game Ever" by PC Gamer, and launches a franchise with more than eight million retail units sold worldwide.

Contributed By: jaredwilde 5 0Non-cheat console cheatsYou -do not- have to have cheats enabled to use these codes! It's all the cheating with half the guilt. ;) Press T (by default) to bring up the message entry line, erase ''TeamSay'', then enter these. You can also bind them to specific keys using the method described above. Note: They're case sensitive.EffectCodeEnds poisoning (when you've been hit by a tranq dart or a greasel)set DeusEx.JCDentonMale poisonCounter 0Makes you stone cold soberset DeusEx.JCDentonMale drugEffectTimer 0.0sets your BE to xxx%set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Energy xxxSets your credits to xxxx.set DeusEx.JCDentonMale Credits xxxxSets your oxygen level to xxx seconds while underwaterset DeusEx.JCDentonMale swimTimer xxxSets your skill points to xxxx.set DeusEx.JCDentonMale SkillPointsAvail xxxxThese 2 codes together make you immune to all status injuries (poisoning, radiation, suffocation, fire, etc) for xxx seconds.set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bNintendoImmunity TrueContributed By: Southpaw018 5 0GlitchesExtra New Game ItemsStart a new game in the middle of a mission, any items which you were carrying will be with you at the beginning.Contributed By: Anonymous 5 3Free pistol training and skill points (new game)When starting a new game in the character creator, downgrade your Pistol skill to "UNTRAINED", and use the freed up points however you like. When the game starts your Pistol training will have been automatically upgraded to "TRAINED" at no cost.Contributed By: kerii 12 0Free, Unlimited Purchased ItemsMake sure your inventory is full before attempting this. Go up to anyone who will sell you items and make a purchase. Look down at your feet. The item you tried to purchase will be down there. This can also be done for items given to you like the upgrading canisters from Jaime. This trick can be done as many times as you like as long as your inventory is full.Contributed By: Anonymous 2 6Infinite Skill PointsBefore talking to Gary Savage on the rooftop at the sub base (save name New West Coast - Sub Base), make sure your inventory is filled up. Then talk to him. He will offer you a augmentation canister, and you can't take it. You will get 500 skill points. Keep on talkin' to him, and the skill points just keep rolling...Contributed By: TimmyJohn409 5 1Unlimited Inventory SpaceOnce you run out of inventory space, click and drag away a large item from the inventory then press ''I'' to click off the screen. The next item you collect will appear under the large item you dragged off.Contributed By: Anonymous 3 1UnlockablesAlternate Endings PS2Your actions during the game will determine which of the three different endings you will attain. Here are the ways to get each:UnlockableHow to UnlockHelios - "Merge With Helios"Merge with Helios by deactivating the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router; do not kill Bob Page or destroy the Aquinas Router.Morgan Everette - "Join Illuminati"Kill Bob Page by shutting down his defense and life support systems; do not merge with Helios or destroy the Aquinas Router.Tracer Tong - "New Dark Age"Destroy the Aquinas Router by shutting down the reactor coolant system; do not kill Bob Page or merge with Helios.Contributed By: Evil_Dave 3 0Easter EggsSpeed/Slow down credits. PS2To speed the credits up, press up on the d-pad, and to slow them down, press down on the d-pad.Contributed By: ElFreakoKid 3 0SecretsActivate Cheat Mode MACActivating Cheat mode: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file. Use a text editor (such as SimpleText) to edit the ''user.ini'' file in your deus ex folder. Locate a key that is not already bound to a game function, such as ''t''. Add the ''talk'' command to that key, both uppercase and lowercase. For example, ''t=talk'' and ''T=talk''. Repeat this for all entries for that key in the file. Press T during game play, press [Backspace] to remove the word ''Say'' from the talk window, then type set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True. This will then enable the cheat mode. Note every time you play deus ex after this you will have to re-enter ''set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True'' to activate the cheats.Contributed By: Amphitrite_1 1 0Bypassing laser beamsSimply walk close to beam(s), do a quicksave and while saving hold down Up Arrow. When the save is complete, you should be on the other side of the beam(s) without triggering any alarms.Contributed By: ghostdesign 5 0Instant LockpickingFind a locked door, then use a lockpick on it. As you start to pick the lock, go into any of the menu or subscreens. After 10-20 seconds (it depends on the lock and your skill level), leave the menu and return to the game. You will have instantly picked the lock using a single pick, even if it required more than one! This trick will also work with Multitools on cameras, alarms, etc.Contributed By: Dark_Penguin 4 1Keep items and weapons after detainment PS2When the screen says Area Unknown, Time Unknown press square and drop all of your items, and pick them up after a few seconds. Must be exact on timing.Contributed By: _Dark_Lance 3 0Liberty Island Secret Locations#1-Opposite Harley Filbenn's office at the north docks is an explosive barrel. Push it into the water and blow it with your pistol. Jump into the water and search the sunken speedboat for some extra items and weapons. #2-In Alex Jacobson's office, just opposite the pinball machine, there is two secret tiles that will lead you to the secret armory entrance. Different items will appear all the time so be sure to check back regularly.Contributed By: Anonymous 6 8$(document).ready(function()$('.content_ratings.voted').attr('title','You have already voted on this item.');$('.content_ratings.mycode').attr('title','You can not vote on your own contribution.');$('.content_ratings').tooltip( position: my: "left+0 center", at: "right+15 center" , tooltipClass:'tooltip'););function cheat_vote(code_id, cur_vote, vote)$.ajax(type: 'POST',url: '/ajax/gamespace_item_vote',data: vote: vote, id: code_id, type: 'code', key: '0d40b0e5' ,success: function(response)var d = $.parseJSON(response);if(d.success)$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote).addClass('myvote');$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote+' span').text(cur_vote+1);$('.content_ratings.c'+code_id+' span').removeAttr('onclick'););Know Something We Don't?You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. 041b061a72


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