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[S9E3] Last Time In New York |WORK|

Later, Robin sees Ted and Lily in the bar. She notices the list on a table and asks what it is, and Lily, covering up for Ted, tells her that it's a list of things she wants to do before going to Italy. When she sees "come clean about April 26th" on the list, she tells Ted about their sword fight. Lily then gets another bottle from a nearby liquor store. Ted thanks her for not telling Robin but asks why she helped him when she is opposed to Ted moving. She replies that he loves New York a lot and he really must need to go. She then asks him to go have a drink with Barney and he shouldn't wait for Marshall as he may not get there in time. She asks him to be honest if he is avoiding Barney and Ted says that he has been. Lily says that Barney needs him as this is the biggest weekend of his life. No matter how awkward it is for him, he will regret it if he isn't there. She then advises to say goodbye to the bad things that happened with him in New York, and not the good things. When she stops talking, Ted asks her to turn over the list and on it is another thing: "Get one last life lecture from Lily." He hugs her and goes to the have a drink with Barney. Before he can say much, Barney tells him that he saw him and Robin behind the Central Park carousel. Shocked, Ted drops the bottle of scotch which smashes.

[S9E3] Last Time in New York

Travers explains that he was sent back from the year 3028 to prevent Nixon from getting elected. He goes on to explain the series of events that follows after Nixon's election. Nixon's promise to build an alien-proof fence around the solar system eliminated cheap alien labor from Earth. Without the aliens to perform these jobs, the economy collapsed. Starvation and civil unrest became widespread around Earth. Nixon then eliminated working-class humans, turning them into a food product named Soylent Majority. With the working class gone, robots were forced to do all of Earth's labor, and they eventually rose into revolt, led by Bender. The last remnants of humanity hid underground and sent Travers back in time to oppose Nixon and prevent him from getting elected. As he has not yet been born, he has no certificate. Leela then comes up with the plan of broadcasting his birth on live television. His mother eventually gives birth and his certificate is printed. The election results are announced, and Travers is declared the winner. When Amy asks Bender why he is not upset over Nixon's loss, he replies that he does not really care. Travers starts to fade away as Bender points out that since Nixon never won the election, the robot uprising never occured and Travers was never sent back in time to begin with. All mentions of Travers are erased as he disappears, and Morbo announces that Nixon has won the election. Back at the Planet Express headquarters, the crew realize that it does not really matter who one votes for. Leela points out that they at least tried to make a difference, but forgets Travers' name. Hermes points out that they never even left the building. At the end, Nixon says that he always wins.

In May, Countdown to Futurama released five items of promotional material for the episode: concept art of Bender dressed as Napoleon on 13 May,[4] concept art of Senator Chris Travers on 14 May,[5] a video clip featuring Morbo as the host of a political debate and suggesting that the presidential candidate mentioned in the MSN TV plot was Travers on 15 May,[6] a promotional picture featuring a Robot army consisting of Bender dressed as Napoleon, Destructor, four Killbots and several other machines on 16 May[7] and part of the storyboard showing both Bender break into a cave full of Humans and the portion of the video clip where Morbo addresses Travers for the last time[8] and the announcement of the second Futurama podcast - which confirmed that the presidential candidate mentioned in the MSN TV plot was Travers - on 17 May.[9] A preview of the episode aired on 20 June during the credits of the episode "A Farewell to Arms".

Joey and Phoebe agree to find dates for each other and double date together. On the night of the date, Joey has forgotten all about the deal, while Phoebe has already fixed up a woman for Joey. At the last minute, Joey finds a guy named Mike at Central Perk and asks him to act like he and Joey have known each other for years. Eventually, Phoebe discovers the truth and storms out of the date. Later, Mike admits to having a good time on the date and asks Phoebe for a second one, to which she agrees.

Matt and Erin were supposed to be in Savannah, GA for a soybean symposium this week. But due to Hurricane Irma, the conference was canceled and they created a bonus episode of random topics. Soybean is quickly maturing throughout Iowa and insects are making preparations for the winter. Matt summarized a last-minute soybean research symposium recapping some of the presentations planned for the Georgia gathering. Both Matt and Erin noticed a lot of wasp activity around human structures and Matt explained they lose their social structure this time of year. Erin thinks she might have Lyme disease and will update listeners on her progress the next episode (teaser!). ISU faculty member, Ryan Smith, shared the blacklegged tick is expanding range in Iowa and the proportion of infected ticks is increasing in Iowa (see this survey summary for more details). Dr. Smith also said there are 195 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in Iowa so far this year. Finally, Matt talks about another great F.I.T. of Ward Kimball, creator of Jiminy Cricket. 041b061a72