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Asher Ward
Asher Ward

Dark Souls 2 Save Editor |VERIFIED|

we made a collective declaration that we would not be bullied by russian president vladimir putin. we joined to make our voices heard, we marched, we cried. we helped create a great movement in this country that helped elect president barack obama and garnered support of other nations. we made people feel safe in their own homes again. thats why we cry.

Dark Souls 2 Save Editor

lunch tickets has been working on its 21st issue for almost a year now, and the theme that ties us all together is resilience. first there was the surprise issue . there was an anti-terrorism campaign that gave away fidget spinners. then there was the pop-up bar where we gave away $5,000 prizes and had a great time together.

then there was the election. election night. in some corner of the world somewhere, our country was counting its votes, and we were sending our friends the final results. we were making ineffable noises and hand gestures . being able to share a moment together is a common thing that ties us all together, and makes us all feel less alone. we are resilient. we will keep working.

there are many things that connect us, but there is something that we all share in the wake of a tragedy; that washes over us, making us feel like we all belong. its not a luxury for some of us, its a basic necessity. every single day we meet people who show us strength in the face of danger and uncertainty. look at what happens when you reach out to someone and ask for help. youre not alone. we cant share our troubles, just like we cant share our joys, but we can help others through tragedy, and it brings us joy. im reminded of this day after day as i read the horror stories being shared in our country and i see the faces of those who run towards the gunfire to help people, or who run into burning buildings to save others. some hero; some unsung hero; and this is why this issue, and the t-shirts youre about to read, is so important to us.


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