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Identifying And Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools For Failure-Proofing Your Projectl ^HOT^

Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project, Third Edition, is the latest edition of a PMI award-winning book. As the title suggests, it is a practical book that aims to prepare and educate readers from surprises while managing and completing a project successfully. Inherently, all projects have risks. This book presents risk management process, methods, and tools that will help the practitioner identify potential risks, analyze and control them, as well as plan for responses. In addition, there are also discussion about program risk management, simulation and modeling, and more.

Identifying And Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools For Failure-Proofing Your Projectl

The third type of project opportunity involves beneficial uncertainties associated with planned activities, and managing these is central to project risk management. Because of the aggressive objectives set at the outset of most projects, uncertainties concerning the work tend to skew heavily toward adverse consequences. (When best-case scenarios are used in setting project baselines, all the uncertainty is shifted to the downside.) Nonetheless, there may be at least a few potentially beneficial uncertainties in your projects. Chapter 6 explores uncovering such positive risks, and techniques for managing them are addressed in Chapter 8.

The risk exposure is greatest at the beginning of projects. The uncertainty is high because there is less information in the beginning of projects. Wise project managers start identifying risks early in their projects. Additionally, capture your top risks in your project charter.


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