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Woldemar Nikonov
Woldemar Nikonov

Junior Miss Pageant 2000 Series Vol1.40

This acquisition is divided into seven series:Series 01: Audio recordings done by Call Dodd. Most recordings are musical covers of songs, or his of his own songs. Some recordings are done with other musicians.Series 02: Audio recordings and video tapes done with CBC studios for a variety of programs.Series 03: Material, including video recordings, relating to Dodd's time on the program Circus.Series 04: Audio and visual recordings done for the many product commercials Dodd has lent his voice to or auditioned for.Series 05: Musical recordings of the band Déjà Vu, of which Dodd was a member.Series 06: Audio recordings relating to work done with Canadian journalist, singer, and broadcaster Malka Marom.Series 07: Video recordings and textual material relating to the Miss Teen Canada pageants, of which Dodd was a host.

Junior Miss Pageant 2000 series vol1.40


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