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Where To Buy Emerson Ceiling Fans

We'd like a ceiling hugger - Emerson has the 42" Snuggers, and Hunter offers the low profile fans in 42". I think anything larger will stand out like a sore thumb with our low ceilings. We also need traditional style for our traditional home.

where to buy emerson ceiling fans

The nice thing about Emerson is we have more options as far as our choice in light fixture, whereas the only white low profile Hunter has downlighting, we prefer the classic light cover as opposed to downlighting in the bedroom. Downlighting seems more appropriate to me in a living area, just my opinion. What does everyone else do for ceiling fan choices in their bedroom???

I've found that using a wall-mounted "rheostat" variable speed control often will make ceiling fan motors hum noticeably, whereas using the typical hi-med-low speed choices built in to the unit does not.

We have a Hunter in the spare Bedroom and an Emerson in the master. I can tell you that the Emerson model hugs the ceiling better than the Hunter. As far as Emerson goes, they make many levels of quality. I would only consider the best of their line. I found a site for fans on the net when I was shopping that rated all brands of fans. You con find it too even if you choose to buy locally. Both fans are quiet on slow and noisy/windy on high. Our Emerson has a balance problem related to how the blade bracket is screwed on. I am 80 years old and dont have the strength/patience to get it right. So it vibrates a bit more on high.

I wanted to replace the 20 year old store brand fans in my home. I decided to go with Hunter, mainly based on name recognition. I was not happy. One made a hum noise, the other made a slight knocking sound, like the carrier in the ball bearing was missing. Hunter was no help at all. Spent over $600 on two fans and they would not replace the motors or fans unless they failed completely. Hunter customer support was non-existent. After much fighting with the store where I bought them, they refunded my money.

We've had Emerson fans for over 16 years. Can't live without ceiling fans anymore, especially in the bedroom! I can't speak for Hunter, but I'd think Emerson would best a Hunter any day, since you can get a Hunter for a handful of dollars at any big box store, like Home Depot.

Old thread, but wanted to add very positive note on Emerson. We installed three Carrera Grande fans in our Hawaii house. Two replaced older Monte Carlo and Hunter fans. The third was a new installation. They all ran super quiet, and are incredibly efficient. Wall controls and remotes both work equally well. While these were used in my own home, I am a retired builder/developer, and have installed Hunter and Casablanca predominately in the past. The Emerson units are superior to both for reliable, commonly sized ceiling fans. Yes, they cost more, but there may be a rebate in your area since these are Energy Star fans.

The thread started several years ago, but I will add my two cents, anyway. I have been searching for fans to replace the ones the builder put in our home. As I searched for Casablanca, I realized it is not the company it used to be. Our first home had Casablanca fans in nearly every room except bathrooms and closets. We lived in the desert. As with another respondent, some time back, they ran for months without stop. By the way, Hunter is Casablanca. When you look for Casablanca you are sent to the Hunter website. It has Casablanca on the page when you open it, but Hunter is on the address. After some study I have determined that our old Casablanca fans are no longer. I am just not willing to take the time and money, so will go elsewhere.

Emerson has been manufacturing and marketing ceiling fans since 1895 and with their expertise they have been bringing quality and innovative ceiling fan designs to the market with a focus on energy efficiency. Emerson boasts over 110 years of producing quality fans, with its founder inventing the first electric motor to run on alternating current. Emerson continues to be one of the leading innovators in the global fan market, focusing on quality, variety and style. Their ceiling fans combine design, form and function while they are meticulously engineered, hand-crafted and built to last. 041b061a72


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