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Download Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun in PDF Format and Read It Today

Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun: A Review

If you are looking for a romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun. This is the first book in the Love series, which follows the lives and loves of Kinji Rockwell, a journalist who gets involved with a notorious drug lord, and Edwin "Mo" Aguilera, the kingpin who falls for her despite her hidden agenda. In this article, we will review Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun and tell you how you can download it in PDF format.

Inconvenient Love Elizabeth Lashaun Pdf Download

What is Inconvenient Love about?

Inconvenient Love is a contemporary romance novel that combines elements of crime, suspense, and urban fiction. It tells the story of Kinji Rockwell, a sassy and ambitious journalist who works for one of Chicago's leading newspapers. When she is asked to go undercover on a deadly case involving a drug cartel, she agrees, hoping to advance her career and earn more money. However, she does not expect to fall in love with Mo Aguilera, the charismatic and ruthless leader of the Northside gang. Mo is also smitten by Kinji's beauty and personality, and vows to have her at any cost.

As their relationship blossoms, so do the lies and deceit. Kinji tries to keep her true identity and motives a secret from Mo, while Mo hides his criminal activities from Kinji. They both struggle with their feelings for each other, knowing that they are playing a dangerous game that could end in tragedy. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and challenges that threaten their union? Or will the truth destroy their love and turn it into hate?

The main characters

The main characters of Inconvenient Love are Kinji Rockwell and Mo Aguilera. Here are some brief descriptions of them:

  • Kinji Rockwell: She is a 25-year-old journalist who works for the Chicago Tribune. She is smart, confident, and independent. She has a passion for writing and reporting, and dreams of becoming a lead journalist someday. She is also loyal to her family and friends, especially her best friend Tasha. She has a complicated relationship with her father, who abandoned her when she was young. She does not believe in love or marriage, until she meets Mo.

  • Mo Aguilera: He is a 28-year-old drug lord who runs the Northside of Chicago with his best friend Boss. He is handsome, charming, and powerful. He has a reputation for being ruthless and violent, but he also has a soft side that he shows to Kinji. He grew up in poverty and witnessed his mother's murder when he was a child. He does not trust anyone easily, except for Boss and Kinji. He wants to have it all, by any means necessary, including Kinji.

The plot summary

The plot of Inconvenient Love is full of twists and turns, as Kinji and Mo navigate their complex and risky relationship. Here is a brief summary of the main events:

  • Kinji is assigned to go undercover as a waitress at a club owned by Mo, in order to gather information about his drug operation. She accepts the assignment, hoping to get a big break and a raise.

  • Kinji meets Mo at the club and is instantly attracted to him. Mo is also drawn to her and asks her out. Kinji agrees, thinking that it will help her get closer to her target.

  • Kinji and Mo start dating and fall in love, despite their differences and secrets. They share intimate moments and open up to each other about their pasts and dreams. Kinji begins to question her loyalty to her job and her mission, while Mo begins to doubt his lifestyle and his future.

  • Kinji's boss pressures her to get more evidence against Mo, threatening to expose her if she does not cooperate. Kinji feels torn between her duty and her love, and tries to find a way out of the situation.

  • Mo's enemies plot to take him down, putting his life and his empire in danger. Mo suspects that there is a mole in his organization, and tries to find out who it is. He also worries about Kinji's safety, and tries to protect her from harm.

  • Kinji's cover is blown when her father, who is a cop, shows up at the club and recognizes her. Mo is shocked and hurt by Kinji's betrayal, and confronts her. Kinji confesses everything and begs for his forgiveness, but Mo does not believe her. He feels betrayed and angry, and vows to make her pay.

  • Mo's enemies launch an attack on his club, resulting in a shootout. Kinji is caught in the crossfire and gets shot. Mo rushes to her side and realizes that he still loves her. He tells her that he forgives her and that he wants to be with her. Kinji tells him that she loves him too, but she dies in his arms.

  • Mo is devastated by Kinji's death, and blames himself for everything. He decides to leave the drug business and start a new life. He also decides to honor Kinji's memory by writing a book about their story, titled Inconvenient Love.

What are the themes and messages of Inconvenient Love?

Inconvenient Love explores various themes and messages that relate to love, deception, crime, justice, family, and loyalty. Here are some of them:

Love and deception

One of the main themes of Inconvenient Love is the relationship between love and deception. The novel shows how love can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how it is expressed and received. It also shows how deception can ruin love, or make it stronger, depending on how it is revealed and handled.

Kinji and Mo fall in love with each other, despite their different backgrounds and goals. They find happiness and comfort in each other's arms, but they also lie to each other about their true identities and motives. Their love is based on deception, which makes it fragile and unstable. When the truth comes out, their love is tested by anger, pain, distrust, and resentment. They have to decide whether they can forgive each other or not.

The novel suggests that love can overcome deception, if there is honesty, communication, understanding, and forgiveness. It also suggests that deception can destroy love, if there is denial, manipulation, betrayal, and revenge. The novel asks the readers to reflect on their own relationships and how they deal with love and deception.

Crime and justice

Another theme of Inconvenient Love is the relationship between crime and justice. The novel shows how crime can affect people's lives in different ways, depending on their roles and choices. It also shows how justice can be elusive or attainable, depending on their actions and consequences.

Mo is a criminal who runs a drug empire in Chicago. He commits crimes for money, power, and survival. He does not care about the law or the people he hurts along the way. He thinks that he is above justice, until he meets Kinji.

Kinji is a journalist who works for a newspaper in Chicago. She reports crimes for information, recognition, and advancement. She cares about the law and the people she helps along the way. She thinks that she is serving justice, until she meets Mo.

Family and loyalty

A third theme of Inconvenient Love is the relationship between family and loyalty. The novel shows how family can be a source of support or conflict, depending on their values and expectations. It also shows how loyalty can be a virtue or a vice, depending on their motives and consequences.

Kinji has a strained relationship with her father, who left her and her mother when she was young. She resents him for his absence and his interference in her life. She also feels guilty for lying to him about her undercover assignment. She loves her mother, who raised her alone and supported her dreams. She also loves her best friend Tasha, who is like a sister to her. She is loyal to her family and friends, even when they disagree with her choices.

Mo has a close relationship with his best friend Boss, who is like a brother to him. They grew up together in the streets and built their drug empire together. They trust each other with their lives and their secrets. He also cares for his grandmother, who raised him after his mother's death. He also cares for Kinji, who becomes his family by choice. He is loyal to his family and friends, even when they endanger his life and his love.

The novel suggests that family can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they treat each other and respect each other's decisions. It also suggests that loyalty can be a strength or a weakness, depending on how they use it and abuse it. The novel asks the readers to reflect on their own relationships and how they deal with family and loyalty.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Inconvenient Love?

Inconvenient Love is a well-written and engaging novel that has many strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of them:

The strengths

Some of the strengths of Inconvenient Love are:

The writing style

The author has a captivating writing style that draws the readers into the story and makes them feel the emotions of the characters. The author uses vivid descriptions, realistic dialogues, and expressive language to create a vivid picture of the setting, the characters, and the events. The author also uses humor, sarcasm, and irony to add some spice and flavor to the story.

The character development

The author has created complex and dynamic characters that have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. The author shows how the characters grow and change throughout the story, as they face challenges and dilemmas that test their morals and values. The author also shows how the characters interact with each other, as they form bonds or conflicts that affect their lives.

The suspense and drama

The author has created a suspenseful and dramatic plot that keeps the readers hooked and curious about what will happen next. The author uses twists and turns, surprises and shocks, cliffhangers and revelations to create tension and excitement in the story. The author also uses action and violence, romance and passion, tragedy and redemption to create contrast and balance in the story.

The weaknesses

Some of the weaknesses of Inconvenient Love are:

The credibility issues

The author has created some scenarios and situations that are not very credible or realistic. For example, Kinji's undercover assignment is not very convincing or plausible, as she does not seem to have enough training or experience for such a risky job. Also, Mo's drug operation is not very believable or consistent, as he does not seem to have enough security or strategy for such a large-scale business.

The editing errors

The author has made some errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting that affect the quality and clarity of the writing. For example, there are some typos, missing words, wrong words, misplaced commas, inconsistent capitalization, and improper indentation that distract the readers from the content and meaning of the writing.

The cliffhanger ending

The author has ended the book with a cliffhanger that leaves the readers hanging and unsatisfied. The author does not resolve the main conflict or answer the main question of the story. The author also does not give any hint or clue about what will happen in the next book or how the story will continue.

How to download Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun in PDF format?

If you are interested in reading Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun, you might want to download it in PDF format. PDF is a file format that preserves the layout and design of the original document, making it easy to read and print. PDF files can also be opened and viewed on various devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers.

The benefits of reading Inconvenient Love in PDF format

Some of the benefits of reading Inconvenient Love in PDF format are:

  • You can access the book anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a device that can open PDF files.

  • You can save the book on your device or cloud storage, and share it with your friends or family.

  • You can adjust the font size, zoom level, and orientation of the book to suit your preferences and needs.

  • You can highlight, bookmark, annotate, and search the book for keywords or phrases that interest you.

  • You can print the book or parts of it for your personal use or reference.

The steps to download Inconvenient Love in PDF format

Some of the steps to download Inconvenient Love in PDF format are:

  • Go to a website that offers free or paid downloads of Inconvenient Love in PDF format. For example, you can go to Amazon, Goodreads, or PDF Drive.

  • Search for Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun in the website's search bar or browse through the website's categories or recommendations.

  • Select the book from the search results or the list of options and click on it to open its page or preview.

  • Check the book's details, such as its title, author, genre, rating, reviews, summary, and price. Make sure that it is the book that you want to download and that it is available in PDF format.

  • Click on the download button or link that is provided on the page or preview. You might need to sign up or log in to the website, enter your payment information, or complete a survey before you can download the book.

  • Choose a location on your device or cloud storage where you want to save the book. You might need to rename the file or create a folder for it.

  • Wait for the download to finish and check if the file is successfully saved and opened on your device.


Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun is a captivating and emotional romance novel that explores the themes of love and deception, crime and justice, family and loyalty. It tells the story of Kinji Rockwell and Mo Aguilera, who fall in love despite their secrets and lies. It has many strengths and weaknesses, such as its writing style, character development, suspense and drama, credibility issues, editing errors, and cliffhanger ending. It is available in PDF format, which has many benefits and can be downloaded from various websites. If you are looking for a romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Inconvenient Love by Elizabeth LaShaun:

  • Q: Is Inconvenient Love a standalone novel or part of a series?

  • A: Inconvenient Love is the first book in the Love series by Elizabeth LaShaun. The series consists of five books: Inconvenient Love, Lethal Love, A Mother's Love, Lion Heart, and Steady Love.

  • Q: How many pages does Inconvenient Love have?

  • A: Inconvenient Love has 322 pages in its paperback edition and 368 pages in its Kindle edition.

  • Q: When was Inconvenient Love published?

  • A: Inconvenient Love was published on June 26th 2010 by Mayott Publishing.

  • Q: What are some similar books to Inconvenient Love?

Zane, and The Prada Plan by Ashley Antoinette.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Elizabeth LaShaun and her books?



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