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Buy Wireless Internet

Limited-time offer; subject to change. Offered by T-Mobile only to T-Mobile wireless or Home Internet customers (excluding business customers) who are residents of the 50 U.S., 18+ ("Customers"). Eligible Customers receive a 7-day free trial of Philo and $10 off/month for 12 months (regularly $25/mo) or then current monthly subscription price thereafter. Limit (1) Offer per Customer, one-time use only. Offer/discount is non-transferable, may not be resold or redeemed for cash, and may not be combined with other offers, discounts, or promotions (unless expressly permitted by Philo). Discount ends if T-Mobile account is terminated; Philo subscription automatically reverts to the current full subscription price. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Valid payment information and subscription required to redeem Offer. If you do not cancel during the applicable trial period (7-day free or 12-month discounted), you will be charged the applicable monthly amount plus taxes on a recurring basis after the trials end. Go to your Philo account page to cancel. Cancellation takes effect on the next monthly billing date (no refunds for partial billing periods). Redemption of this Offer constitutes acceptance of these Terms and all applicable Terms and Conditions, see for more details. T-Mobile reserves the right to modify this Offer at any time. Philo reserves the right to modify or cancel this Offer at any time. Void where taxed, prohibited, or restricted.

buy wireless internet

As long as T-Mobile 5G internet is available at your new address you can use it as soon as you move in. Please contact 1-844-275-9310 to confirm availability at your new address. If you move without notifying us, then we may not be able to provide service to you.

If you've ever logged in to your favorite browser and typed the search phrase "home internet near me", you probably noticed that there are multiple high-speed internet service providers (ISP) to choose from, depending on where you live. So, where do you begin? If you're interested in T-Mobile Home Internet, which utilizes 5G and Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of wireless technology, click here and then enter your address to find out if it's available at your home.

Subscription automatically renews at $4.99/month after first year. Credit card required. Limited-time offer. Available to active T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid voice wireless and Home Internet customers (excluding corporate/government accounts) who are residents of the 50 United States and at least eighteen (18) years of age. Receive 12-months of Paramount+ Essential Monthly plan (valued at $59.88) when you register to receive a code and then redeem the code within 30 days. Offer requires Paramount+ subscriber account registration and provision of a valid payment method for continued service after the promotional period ends. IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL YOUR PARAMOUNT+ SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE 12-MONTH PROMOTIONAL PERIOD ENDS, YOU AUTHORIZE VIACOMCBS TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD $4.99 EACH MONTH ON A RECURRING BASIS UNTIL YOU CANCEL YOUR PARAMOUNT+ SUBSCRIPTION. TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND AVOID BEING CHARGED, YOU MUST CANCEL BEFORE THE END OF THE 12-MONTH PROMOTIONAL PERIOD. Call (888) 274-5343 or go through your subscriber account to cancel your Paramount+ subscription. If subscription is cancelled, cancellation will be effective at the end of then-current subscription period. No refunds. Max 1 code/account. ViacomCBS and T-Mobile reserve the right to determine your eligibility for the promotional period as well as to amend, modify, or waive the terms and conditions from time to time. Use of the Paramount+ service and creation of a subscriber account are governed by the VCBSI Terms of Use available at and Privacy Policy at This offer may be changed or cancelled at any time. Void where prohibited. Nontransferable, not for resale, and not redeemable for cash. Other restrictions and taxes may apply. Cannot be combined with any other Paramount+ code or coupon offers.

New and existing T-Mobile customers activating internet on a qualifying plan are eligible to receive their money back via a one-time bill credit if they choose to schedule cancellation of service within the first 15 days of activation.

Most internet providers present Wi-Fi as an add-on to their internet service, typically with an extra monthly fee for Wi-Fi equipment. Some may let you use your own equipment and avoid the fee for renting or purchasing a router through them.

Some wireless internet providers, including CenturyLink, Verizon and Xfinity, give you the option to use your own products and save the monthly equipment fees. Buying your own equipment not only saves you money, but it can also get you access to the highest quality Wi-Fi equipment on the market.

So you just signed up for internet service and want to ditch the wires? The good news is that setting up a Wi-Fi connection should only take about ten minutes. All you need is a modem (typically supplied by your internet provider), a router (sometimes included as part of combination modem/router) and an active internet connection. Your internet provider should give you instructions to follow on setup, but you can also follow these steps to configure any wireless network:

Wi-Fi is not a service by itself, but rather a feature of your internet service. You need an internet service provider to get internet to your home via a modem and a router to transmit that signal throughout your home. Some ISPs include Wi-Fi service and necessary equipment at no extra charge.

Public Wi-Fi connections can be a security risk. If you must use public Wi-Fi, use a hotspot that requires a password. To keep your home network safe, use a unique Wi-Fi password, as well as change the router admin password. If you have frequent visitors using your network, create a guest network. "}},"@type":"Question","name":"Is Wi-Fi free?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Some internet providers do offer Wi-Fi service at no additional cost. Others may charge an added fee of $5\/mo. or higher for Wi-Fi service, plus an additional fee for Wi-Fi equipment rental. If you\u2019re looking for free Wi-Fi on the go,\u00a0many internet providers and businesses offer free Wi-Fi hotspots.","@type":"Question","name":"Are Wi-Fi speeds slower than a wired connection?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"It is common for wireless internet service to be slower than a wired, or LAN, connection. There are many factors that can affect Wi-Fi speeds, such as proximity to the router, the number of connected devices and the quality of the router itself. Even running your microwave can affect Wi-Fi speeds. If your home Wi-Fi internet speeds are slower than you\u2019d like, here are a few tips for boosting your Wi-Fi connection.","@type":"Question","name":"Can I get Wi-Fi without an Internet provider?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Wi-Fi is not a service by itself, but rather a feature of your internet service. You need an internet service provider to get internet to your home via a modem and a\u00a0router to transmit that signal throughout your home. Some ISPs include Wi-Fi service and necessary equipment at no extra charge."]} We value your feedback

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet network that uses radio frequency signals to connect your devices to the internet. Typically, this is done using a modem and router that are connected to the internet via wires; however, it can be achieved utilizing other methods.

Free Wi-Fi is becoming more readily available by the day. As our world becomes more reliant on internet connections, more businesses, public spaces, and governments in certain states are doing their part to provide free Wi-Fi in as many places as possible.

You should also keep in mind that a physical tether uses your cellular data the same way as a hotspot, so if you have limited data, you should keep an eye on your internet usage to not exceed your limit.

This portable internet device (a hotspot separate from your smartphone) provides coverage with a data plan powered by a mobile broadband provider. This can be potentially cheaper than upgrading your cell phone plan to include unlimited data to accommodate hotspot usage.

Your decision to choose one of the above options will likely be based on your very unique situation, desires, location, budget, and available options depending on what your local internet service providers are offering in your area.

If you already have high-speed (broadband) Internet service at your house, it's pretty easy to create your own home wireless network. Commonly known as Wi-Fi, a wireless network allows you to connect laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to your home Internet service without an Ethernet cable.

To create your own Wi-Fi network, you'll need a wireless router. This is the device that will broadcast the Wi-Fi signal from your Internet modem throughout your house. Your Internet service provider (ISP) may offer you a wireless router for a small monthly fee. If you've never set up a Wi-Fi network before, this may be the easiest option.

Next, you'll need to use your computer to configure your router's default settings. This includes setting a unique name and password for your wireless network.

Hotspots are wireless access points that allow you and others to connect devices to the internet. Hotspots can be found at coffee shops, universities, libraries, airports, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other locations. They can even be found at your home if you live within range of a hotspot.

Getting on the web is expensive. The average cost of a home internet connection in the United States is $60 per month. Don't fancy paying all that money? Don't worry; even if you don't have a regular ISP, there are still ways to go online.

From public Wi-Fi networks to cellular data, you still have multiple ways to access the internet without a broadband connection. So, here are some ways to get Wi-Fi without an Internet Service Provider. 041b061a72


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