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Upon arrival at Gongmen City, Po and the Five free Masters Ox and Croc, but the duo refuses to help, believing kung fu died with Master Rhino. Po and the Five feign surrender to Shen, with Master Mantis freeing the others from bondage. They destroy one of the cannons, but Po sees the same familiar symbol on Shen's plumage, which distracts him long enough for Shen to escape and destroy Gongmen Palace with his cannonade.

Rejuvenated, Po returns to Gongmen City, where Shen is sailing downriver with his cannons and army. Po frees the Five, and with the help of Masters Ox, Croc, and Shifu, they are able to wreck the foremost ships and prevent the army from reaching the harbor. Lord Shen fires a cannon, killing some of his own soldiers, to clear the way. Po stands alone against Shen, using his newfound inner peace skills to deflect all the cannonballs shot at him back at the fleet, destroying it. Po offers mercy to Shen, but he rejects it and attacks Po with a spear. Shen accidentally severs the lines holding up one of the cannons, and it falls onto the ship, killing him. Po is congratulated by Shifu and the Five; returning to the Valley, Po reaffirms his identity as Mr. Ping's son, and his love for his adopted father. Meanwhile, at a secret panda village in the mountains, Po's biological father Li Shan is revealed to still be living, and senses his son is still alive.[N 1] 1e1e36bf2d


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