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Mr and Mrs Iyer: A Review of the Award-Winning Drama by Aparna Sen

Mr and Mrs Iyer Hindi Dubbed Movie: A Review

Mr and Mrs Iyer is a 2002 Indian English-language drama film directed by Aparna Sen. It stars Rahul Bose as Raja Chowdhury, a Muslim wildlife photographer, and Konkona Sen Sharma as Meenakshi Iyer, a Hindu Brahmin housewife. The film follows their journey on a bus that gets caught in a communal riot, and how they develop an unlikely bond amidst the chaos and violence. The film explores themes such as religion, identity, love, humanity, and tolerance. It was released in India on 19 July 2002, and received critical acclaim and several awards. Here is a review of Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie.

Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie


Mr and Mrs Iyer is a film that deals with one of the most sensitive and controversial issues in India: communalism. The film shows how two strangers from different religious backgrounds are forced to pretend to be a married couple to save themselves from a mob of Hindu extremists who are targeting Muslims. The film also shows how their initial prejudices and stereotypes are challenged by their experiences, and how they discover new aspects of themselves and each other.

The film is directed by Aparna Sen, who is also the mother of Konkona Sen Sharma. Aparna Sen is a renowned filmmaker, actress, and writer, who has made several films that focus on social issues, women's rights, and human relationships. Some of her notable films include 36 Chowringhee Lane (1981), Paroma (1984), Sati (1989), Yugant (1995), Paromitar Ek Din (2000), 15 Park Avenue (2005), The Japanese Wife (2010), Sonata (2017), etc.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Meenakshi and her son boarding a bus from a hill station to Kolkata. She is accompanied by her parents, who introduce her to Raja, who is also traveling on the same bus. Meenakshi is a traditional and conservative woman, who is not comfortable with Raja's friendly and casual attitude. She also disapproves of his profession and his religion. Raja, on the other hand, is a liberal and secular man, who is curious and fascinated by Meenakshi's culture and beliefs. He tries to strike a conversation with her, but she mostly ignores him.

The bus journey takes a dramatic turn when they encounter a group of Hindu extremists, who are rioting against Muslims after a communal clash in a nearby town. The rioters stop the bus and demand to see the passengers' identity cards. They also ask Meenakshi and Raja to prove that they are married. Raja quickly realizes that they are in danger, and tells Meenakshi to pretend that they are Mr and Mrs Iyer, a Tamil Brahmin couple. Meenakshi reluctantly agrees, and they manage to fool the rioters. However, they are not safe yet, as the rioters set fire to the bus and force them to get off.

Meenakshi and Raja, along with some other passengers, manage to escape from the burning bus and take shelter in a nearby forest. They have to face many challenges and dangers, such as hunger, thirst, wild animals, and more rioters. They also have to deal with their own fears, doubts, and emotions. As they spend more time together, they start to understand each other better, and develop a mutual respect and affection. They also witness the horrors of communal violence, and how it affects innocent lives.



Mr and Mrs Iyer is a film that explores various themes, such as religion, identity, love, humanity, and tolerance. The film shows how religion can be a source of both conflict and harmony, depending on how people interpret and practice it. The film also shows how religion can influence one's identity, and how one's identity can change in different situations and contexts. The film also shows how love can transcend the boundaries of religion, and how love can be a powerful force that can unite people and heal wounds. The film also shows how humanity can be both cruel and compassionate, depending on how people choose to act and react. The film also shows how tolerance can be a virtue that can help people overcome their differences and coexist peacefully.

Some of the examples of these themes in the film are:

  • The contrast between Meenakshi and Raja's religious views and practices. Meenakshi is a devout Hindu who follows the rituals and customs of her faith. Raja is a secular Muslim who does not care much about religion. They have different opinions and perspectives on religion, and often clash over them. However, they also learn from each other, and respect each other's beliefs.

  • The change in Meenakshi and Raja's identities when they pretend to be Mr and Mrs Iyer. Meenakshi and Raja have to adopt a new identity to survive the rioters. They have to act like a married couple, and speak in a different language. They also have to hide their real names, backgrounds, and personalities. They have to face the challenges and dilemmas of living a lie.

  • The development of Meenakshi and Raja's love for each other. Meenakshi and Raja start off as strangers who have nothing in common. They gradually become friends who share their experiences and feelings. They eventually fall in love with each other, despite their religious differences. They also face the obstacles and risks of their love, such as the social stigma, the family pressure, and the personal guilt.

  • The depiction of humanity in its best and worst forms. The film shows how humanity can be both brutal and benevolent, depending on the circumstances and choices. The film shows the atrocities of communal violence, such as the killing, burning, looting, raping, and torturing of innocent people. The film also shows the acts of kindness and compassion, such as the helping, saving, protecting, comforting, and forgiving of strangers.

  • The importance of tolerance in a diverse society. The film shows how tolerance can be a key factor in maintaining peace and harmony in a society that is divided by religion, caste, class, gender, language, etc. The film shows how intolerance can lead to violence and hatred, while tolerance can lead to understanding and friendship.


Mr and Mrs Iyer is a film that revolves around two main characters: Meenakshi and Raja. They are the protagonists and the narrators of the film. They are also the most complex and dynamic characters in the film, as they undergo significant changes and growth throughout the film.

Meenakshi is a Hindu Brahmin housewife, who is married to an orthodox and conservative man. She is a dutiful and obedient wife, who follows the rules and norms of her society. She is also a loving and caring mother, who is devoted to her infant son. She is a religious and traditional woman, who believes in the rituals and customs of her faith. She is also a naive and sheltered woman, who has not seen much of the world outside her home. She is also a prejudiced and judgmental woman, who has negative stereotypes about Muslims and other communities.

Raja is a Muslim wildlife photographer, who is single and independent. He is a passionate and adventurous man, who loves his profession and travels around the world. He is also a friendly and humorous man, who likes to talk and joke with people. He is a secular and liberal man, who does not care much about religion and politics. He is also a curious and open-minded man, who is interested in learning about different cultures and beliefs. He is also a courageous and compassionate man, who risks his life to help others in need.


Mr and Mrs Iyer is a film that showcases the skills and talents of the director, Aparna Sen, and the cinematographer, Goutam Ghose. They use various techniques and elements of cinematography to create the mood and atmosphere of the film, and to enhance the storytelling and the message of the film.

Some of the examples of these techniques and elements are:

  • The use of camera angles, movements, and shots to convey the emotions and perspectives of the characters. For instance, the close-up shots of Meenakshi and Raja's faces to show their expressions and reactions, the low-angle shots of the rioters to show their menace and power, the high-angle shots of the bus to show its vulnerability and isolation, the tracking shots of Meenakshi and Raja walking in the forest to show their journey and bond, etc.

  • The use of lighting, color, and contrast to create the tone and mood of the film. For instance, the natural light and warm colors of the hill station to show its beauty and tranquility, the dark and cold colors of the night to show its danger and fear, the bright and harsh light of the fire to show its destruction and violence, the soft and dim light of the moon to show its romance and intimacy, etc.

  • The use of sound, music, and silence to create the effect and impact of the film. For instance, the ambient sound of nature to show its realism and serenity, the loud and chaotic sound of the rioters to show their aggression and hatred, the absence of sound during some scenes to show their tension and suspense, the background music of classical and folk songs to show their culture and tradition, etc.

Some of the memorable scenes and shots in the film are:

  • The scene where Meenakshi and Raja first meet on the bus. The camera shows their contrasting personalities and backgrounds through their clothes, accessories, gestures, etc. The camera also shows their awkwardness and discomfort through their eye contact, body language, etc.

  • The scene where Meenakshi and Raja encounter the rioters on the road. The camera shows their fear and panic through their expressions, movements, etc. The camera also shows their courage and quick thinking through their actions, words, etc.

  • The scene where Meenakshi and Raja take shelter in an abandoned house. The camera shows their closeness and warmth through their proximity, touch, etc. The camera also shows their vulnerability and honesty through their conversation, confession, etc.

  • The scene where Meenakshi and Raja kiss under the moonlight. The camera shows their passion and love through their embrace, lips, etc. The camera also shows their dilemma and sadness through their tears, sighs, etc.

  • The scene where Meenakshi and Raja part ways at the railway station. The camera shows their pain and longing through their eyes, hands, etc. The camera also shows their respect and gratitude through their smiles, nods, etc.


Mr and Mrs Iyer is a film that tells a powerful and poignant story of two people who find love in the midst of hate. The film is a masterpiece of direction, acting, cinematography, and writing. The film is a reflection of the reality and complexity of India, a country that is diverse and divided by religion, but also united and enriched by it. The film is a message of hope and peace, a reminder that humanity and tolerance can overcome violence and intolerance. The film is a tribute to the spirit and resilience of the people who face and survive the horrors of communalism.

The film ends with Meenakshi and Raja saying goodbye to each other at the railway station, knowing that they will never see each other again. They exchange their real names, and their real identities. They also exchange their memories, and their feelings. They leave with a sense of loss, but also a sense of gain. They have lost their chance to be together, but they have gained a new perspective on life. They have learned to look beyond their differences, and to embrace their similarities. They have learned to love someone who is not like them, but who is like them.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie:

Where can I watch Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie online?

  • You can watch Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie online on various streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. You can also buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray of the movie from online or offline stores.

Is Mr and Mrs Iyer based on a true story?

  • No, Mr and Mrs Iyer is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that is inspired by the real events of communal violence that have occurred in India. The director, Aparna Sen, has said that she got the idea for the film after reading a newspaper article about a Hindu woman who saved a Muslim man by pretending to be his wife during a riot.

What is the meaning of the title Mr and Mrs Iyer?

  • The title Mr and Mrs Iyer has multiple meanings and layers in the film. On one level, it is the fake identity that Meenakshi and Raja adopt to escape the rioters. On another level, it is the real identity that they discover in themselves and each other. On yet another level, it is the symbolic identity that represents their love and unity.

What is the significance of the song "Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo" in the movie?

  • The song "Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo" is a famous ghazal sung by Farida Khanum. It is a song that expresses the plea of a lover who does not want to part with his or her beloved. It is a song that captures the emotions and feelings of Meenakshi and Raja in the movie. It is a song that Raja sings for Meenakshi in one of the most romantic scenes in the movie.

What are some of the awards and nominations that Mr and Mrs Iyer received?

  • Mr and Mrs Iyer received many awards and nominations from various national and international film festivals and organizations. Some of them are:

  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English

  • National Film Award for Best Direction (Aparna Sen)

  • National Film Award for Best Actress (Konkona Sen Sharma)

  • National Film Award for Best Cinematography (Goutam Ghose)

  • National Film Award for Best Audiography (Anup Mukherjee)

  • Lok Sabha Award for Best Feature Film

  • Netpac Award at Rotterdam International Film Festival

  • Audience Award at Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Golden Maile Award at Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Best Asian Film Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

  • Best Director Award at Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

  • Best Actress Award at Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

  • Best Screenplay Award at Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

  • Best Cinematography Award at Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

  • Best Editing Award at Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Mr and Mrs Iyer hindi dubbed movie. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for reading, and have a great day! b70169992d


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