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Anyone with the link: Allow anyone who receives the link to access the file or folder. If you choose this option, people you invite can share the link and give access to others not included in your original invitation.

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When the people you invite receive your invitation, they can download the shared file or folder from iCloud to any of their devices. If you allow it, they can make changes to a file, and you see the updates the next time you open it on your Mac.

You can use the Shared folder in the Finder sidebar to easily view files and folders shared by others and by you. To set up your Shared folder to display folders grouped by who shared them, do the following:

After you set up iCloud Drive, you can use the Files app to share folders and individual files with friends and colleagues. When you make changes to a shared folder or file, others see your changes automatically. If you allow people to make edits, their changes appear automatically as well.

When you share a folder, only the people you invite can access the files in the shared folder by default. To invite more people to access the files, you must change the settings of the shared folder to add more participants. You canʼt select an individual file within the shared folder and add participants to it.

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On this page you will find images and sound files that may be downloaded for use within publications.

At a time when they need great courage, the friends tell the story of David and Goliath. Shepherd-boy David, with his slingshot, takes on the Philistine giant Goliath who has been terrorising the forces of King Saul. Download Hi-Res version of image including text file (Zip File)

In order to help the children of Jerusalem to escape the besieged city, Portia allows herself to be taken hostage by the Jewish zealots. Download Hi-Res version of image including text file (Zip File)

When Jesus arrives at the edge of the lake crowds of people are waiting for him and they are hungry. He uses five loaves and two fish to feed all five thousand people. Download Hi-Res version of image including text file (Zip File)

When Senator Marcus reveals that Antonius is the Masked Rebel he is immediately arrested. Will Macky and his friends find a way to release Antonius from his captivity and return him to his family? Download Hi-Res version of image including text file (Zip File)

Born into a noble family, Portia has an easy life in Alexandria living with her Uncle Tiberius, the Roman Governor of the city. In Series 2 Portia travels to Jerusalem and in Series 3, Rome. She finds herself drawn to Macky and his family after she is rescued from a runaway horse. Download Hi-Res version of image including text file (Zip File)

If you want the people you share with to be able to edit your files, you can share a folder with them. Changes to the contents inside a shared folder are synced with members of that folder almost instantly. It's a great solution to working together on large projects, sharing important family photos or documents, and any other collaborative effort.