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A victim of its own success? "CPU Limit Reached"! ( -limit-reached.html)SoftPedia wasn't able to update ( -Tweak/Registry-Commander.shtml) and RegCmd_13.02.23.rar is nowhere to be found (at least by googling, so don't bother); you can watch a video of it ( )... >:)


With WinRAR installed, when you right-click on a .rar file in Windows, you can browse to WinRAR -> Extract to [archive name] in the context menu, and WinRAR will extract the archive to a folder in the current directory.

Clicking on the .reg file will ask you if you want to install these entries into your registry. Be warned, you could hurt your windows install doing the wrong thing if you don't know what you are doing. Not that the above will, but a disclaimer is in order here!!!! All the above does is point Windows to the DLL above (installed by CDisplayEx) for each of these extensions. (If you don't have winrar, but use 7zip for example, you might want to also do .rar instead of Winrar in the above)

Hi,I have a PNY Micro M2 Metal Attache 16 GB USB drive that I have managed to revive thanks to the inputs of E_needzHelp and john1231. This is what I did:1 Download ChipGenius from -and-usbdeview-usb-information-tools/2. Using ChipGenius find for the PNY USB device the Controller Vendor: SMI3. Go to web page On the right hand of the page click on the link SMI (Silicon Motion) which takes us to 4. Click on SMI MPTool V2.5.36 v7 14/06/27. This takes us to the download page. Download the file SM3267_V2.5.36.rar and open the archive.5. Click on the file sm32Xtest_V36-7.exe. Click on Scan USB (F5). This will identify the USB device. Click on the name of the device to highlight it. Then click on Start (Space Key). This will reflash the USB device and this is how the device which was given up for dead is brought back to life! 041b061a72


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