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Steve Milliken
Steve Milliken

The Raveonettes Raven In The Grave Rar !!INSTALL!!

another nice piece. it's like 1000'th review about them, from dave. :) and it is one of the best. easy to read and i quiet like the pictures. and i like what i heard from video. sounds interesting. raveonettes are best out of this kind of bands.

The Raveonettes Raven In The Grave Rar

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nice easy reading one ;) but seriously, seems like you had quiet an opportunity to go anywhere and i see photos from all around. :)and nice pin collection, and stripe as well. i figure you should have a collection of different media passses as well. :)seems like it was a cool gig.i like new stuff fro raveonettes. hunting for their music now. even would like them on my walkman....ok, take care i'll be going working on that. :Dseriously, nice piece, nice band. :)

one of my best friends is danish, but not a member of the raveonettes- one day crom will introduce me and i will say a danish fellow i met once is a member of the raveonettes- i imagine it will be something like Wife Swap, but less douchey


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