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Top 50 Most Streamed Rihanna Songs [REPACK]

Rihanna's Super Bowl boost was apparent on Spotify Monday (2/13); she was the most-streamed artist on the platform, rising to #1 on the U.S. and global Daily Top Artists charts.

top 50 most streamed rihanna songs

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The publication reports that Rihanna's biggest streamed songs to date are her hit collaboration with Jay-Z, "Umbrella," which racked up 9.53 million streams alone. "Lift Me Up," her Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-nominated song from "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," comes in second with 8.68 million, while her smash hit "Diamonds" comes third with 8.44 million.

He did mashups of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," Queen's "We Will Rock You" and Foo Fighters' "Best of You" with his own songs. He closed the performance with the most perfect rendition of Purple Rain that included an epic guitar solo in the rain.

The queen of pop-punk, Avril Lavigne helped an entire generation of women deal with the angst of their teenage years. The Canadian-born songstress signed her first record deal at the age of 15, and, despite the fact that she sold her talents to record execs with softer, more country-western songs, she quickly became one of the most visible women in alt-rock. Today, Lavigne has circled back to her roots, releasing a few mellow tracks alongside her iconic grungy studio albums.

With 28 Grammy Awards on her shelves, Beyonce is the most decorated woman in music of all time. She is also one of the wealthiest and most powerful artists in the biz with a following that verges on cult-like. The Texas native is so beloved thanks to her expansive catalog of songs that manage to be reflective of the times while remaining easy to dance to and fun to belt alongside, as well as for her tireless commitment to a number of charitable and social causes like Black Lives Matter and mental health.

Pop is such a ubiquitous term that it can be almost impossible for an artist to make their work stand out within the genre. For Lorde, her sound-to-color synesthesia (a neurological condition that links musical notes to colors) ensures that her work is always truly unique and disparate, which has earned her legions of fans, including other artists like Kanye West, David Bowie, and Taylor Swift. Although her output is infrequent at best, the songstress still has a number of accolades to her name, including several Grammy Awards and Brit Awards.

"The Power of Love" is among the most heterosexual of all our love songs, and we love Celine for the sheer force she brings to this declaration of woman-on-man bonding (which was originally a 1984 Jennifer Rush song).

"God Only Knows" finds itself at the top of most "best songs of all time" lists for good reason. Visionary Brian Wilson crafted some of his best work on the 1966 album "Pet Sounds," and this heart-melting track is one of the record's highlights.

The world of streaming music has been around for so long that it no longer is a novelty. In fact, physical copies of music have become rare, with most sales coming in the shape of vinyl. There are different places to stream music, but one of the most popular is Spotify. Over the years, several artists have emerged as the most-streamed musicians on the platform. Here they are. 041b061a72


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