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XRay Mod (full [HOT]bright, Cave Finder, Fly) Minecraft: Java Edition

XRay Mod for Minecraft: Java Edition - Everything You Need to Know

XRay Mod is a popular mod for Minecraft: Java Edition that allows players to see through blocks and find ores, caves, dungeons, and other hidden items with ease. It also adds features such as fullbright, configurable coordinates display, survival fly, fly speed, and more. In this article, we will show you how to install and use XRay Mod in Minecraft: Java Edition, and what benefits it can bring to your gameplay.

XRay Mod (Fullbright, Cave Finder, Fly) Minecraft: Java Edition


What is XRay Mod?

XRay Mod is a mod that adds XRay vision to Minecraft: Java Edition. It works by making common blocks such as dirt, stone, and gravel invisible, leaving behind only the valuable blocks for players to see. This way, players can quickly locate rare ores such as diamonds, netherite, gold, and emerald, as well as secret chests, underground dungeons, and other interesting items.

XRay Mod also includes other features that enhance the Minecraft experience, such as:

  • Fullbright: This feature makes everything bright and visible, even in dark areas such as caves and the Nether. It can be toggled on and off with a keybinding (default: L).

  • Cavefinder: This feature works like XRay mode, but only shows caves and tunnels. It can be useful for finding torches or other light sources in caves. It can be toggled on and off with a keybinding (default: C).

  • Configurable coordinates display: This feature allows players to customize the information displayed on the screen, such as XYZ coordinates, biome, FPS, clock, fly speed, etc. For instructions on how to configure them, see the configuration page.

  • Survival fly and fly speed: This feature enables survival fly mode, which allows players to fly in survival mode like in creative mode. It can be activated by double-jumping or pressing a keybinding (default: none). Players can also adjust the fly speed with a keybinding (default: none).

How to install XRay Mod?

XRay Mod is easy to install and compatible with any other mod(s). However, it requires OptiFine to work properly. OptiFine is a mod that improves the performance and graphics of Minecraft: Java Edition. To install XRay Mod and OptiFine, follow these steps:

  • Download XRay Mod from one of the links below.

  • Download OptiFine from its official website.

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and select a version that is compatible with XRay Mod and OptiFine (for example: 1.19.3).

  • Click on "Installations" and then on "New". Name the installation as you like and click on "More Options".

  • Copy the path of the game directory and paste it into your file explorer.

  • Create a new folder called "mods" inside the game directory.

  • Copy the downloaded files of XRay Mod and OptiFine into the mods folder.

  • Launch the game with the new installation and enjoy XRay Mod!

XRay Mod Download Links

You can download XRay Mod from one of these links:

  • XRay Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) - Fullbright, Cave Finder, Fly - 9Minecraft.Net

  • XRay Texture Pack 1.19, 1.19.4 1.18.2 - Download

  • Xray Ultimate - Minecraft Resource Packs - CurseForge

XRay Mod Tips and Tricks

XRay Mod is a powerful tool that can make your Minecraft experience easier and more fun. However, there are some tips and tricks that you should know to use it effectively and safely. Here are some of them:

  • Be careful with lava and water: XRay Mod makes most blocks invisible, but not lava and water. This means that you can still see them and avoid falling into them. However, this also means that you can accidentally break them and cause a flood or a fire. Therefore, be careful when mining near lava and water sources, and always have a bucket handy.

  • Use cavefinder to explore caves: XRay Mod has a cavefinder feature that can help you find and explore caves. This can be useful for finding dungeons, mineshafts, spawners, and other loot. However, cavefinder does not turn on fullbright like XRay mode does, so you will need a light source to see in the dark. You can use torches, glowstone, or night vision potions or commands.

  • Customize your XRay profiles: XRay Mod allows you to create and switch between different XRay profiles. This can help you find different types of blocks depending on your needs. For example, you can create a profile for diamonds, another one for netherite, and another one for emeralds. You can also choose which blocks to render and which ones to hide in each profile. To create and manage your XRay profiles, press the X key (default) to open the user interface.

  • Use fly mode wisely: XRay Mod enables survival fly mode, which allows you to fly in survival mode like in creative mode. This can be very useful for moving around quickly and avoiding dangers. However, it can also be very risky if you are not careful. For example, if you fly too high, you might fall to your death if you disable fly mode. Also, if you fly near hostile mobs, they might attack you or follow you. Therefore, use fly mode wisely and always be aware of your surroundings.

XRay Mod Pros and Cons

XRay Mod is a mod that can make your Minecraft experience easier and more fun, but it also has some drawbacks and risks. Here are some of the pros and cons of using XRay Mod:


  • Save time and resources: XRay Mod can help you find ores and other valuable items faster and easier, without wasting time and resources on digging and exploring. You can also use it to find dungeons, mineshafts, spawners, and other loot that can give you more rewards.

  • Enhance your gameplay: XRay Mod can enhance your gameplay by adding features such as fullbright, cavefinder, coordinates display, survival fly, and fly speed. These features can make your game more enjoyable and convenient, especially if you are playing in survival mode.

  • Customize your XRay modes: XRay Mod allows you to customize your XRay modes by choosing which blocks to render and which ones to hide. You can also create different profiles for different types of blocks, such as diamonds, netherite, emeralds, etc. You can also toggle between different modes with keybindings.