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One Piece Episode 346 !!TOP!!

Ivan:I am doing great, Priscilla. Thank you very much. I have a guest, someone who is not new to BNI Podcast. He has been on probably more episodes than anyone else. That is the US National Director for BNI. He manages over 6200 chapters. He is also the Executive Director of BNI Ohio and a contributing author to the New York Times bestseller, Masters of Networking. That is my good friend and National Director for the US, John Meyer.

One Piece Episode 346

If you want your request to have the best shot at making it into our episode, submit it right away. That link is at I can't wait to hear what you're looking for. Again, that's

And I've picked this idea up from one of your podcast episodes. And I don't remember how long ago it was, but one of the readers said that they block out like 20 minutes to just read no matter what is happening in their life. And I find myself doing that during the work day.

ANNE: Saadia, you know, this episode ends with me recommending books that hopefully you will love, which can be a little bit of a pressure situation. So what I'm doing now is trying to form a picture of your reading life.

SAADIA: You know, when I've listened to the episodes before, I've always wondered, like, "Oh, that must be so difficult to do." But when I was filling this out, it was actually pretty easy because I picked books that represent different parts of my reading life, but also different times in my reading life.

So this is really not going to inform your visit to Mammoth Cave much. Although my husband Will read a fascinating book about mapmaking and slavery and mapping the actual caves and mammoth caves. This sounds like a bonus episode waiting to happen in our Patreon community because I have no idea what this book is off the top of my head but I remember him reading portions of it aloud to me.

ANNE: Well, regardless of how it ended up there, I'm glad it did and I'm glad we're talking about it now. So Will works in publishing and he talks a little bit about that in that episode. So by all means, listeners, go back and listen.

Find the full list of titles from today's show at That's also where to send your reader recommendation requests for upcoming holiday gifting episodes.

Alan Moore: [00:00:33] Hello and welcome to this episode of #XYPNRadio. I am your host, Alan Moore, and I'm excited to welcome Nancy Hetrick, founder of Smarter Divorce Solutions, on the show today. Nancy got into the financial industry back in 1999 when buying and selling tech stocks was all the rage. She went on to become an investment adviser, and after her own divorce in 2007, she realized just how few resources were out there for people getting a divorce. She went on to get her CDFA and went through a plethora of other trainings that she shares on the show and started working with divorcing couples. She has built a very successful financial planning practice and has even launched an advisor coaching program to train advisors how to build successful practices in this niche. She made the decision last year to sell the wealth management side of her business so she can focus exclusively on building her divorce planning practice, which is growing like crazy and will do over $1,000,000 in revenue this year alone. Nancy is truly dynamic and building a really amazing niche practice. If you're interested in working with divorcing clients or just want to learn the power of a niche, this episode is a can't miss. Without further ado, here's my interview with Nancy.

Alan Moore: [00:56:02] All right. That sounds amazing because this is an area at your point where we go, you know, you go to Google, you try to find the resources, but in the end, they're hard to find. They're very expensive. The communities are very you know, there are just different pockets of these communities. And you've got to be able to get tied in with the right one. So amazing. So, Nancy, as we're coming to a close, I'll ask you the final question, which is if there's one piece of advice that you could go back and give your younger self, one thing that you know now that you wish you had known, then what do you think that one piece of advice would be?

Narrator: [00:59:47] Thanks for listening to #XYPNRadio. If you enjoyed the show, please be sure to leave a review that will help grow the movement of fee-for-service advisors, serving next gen clients and building the firms of their dreams. That's all for today's episode, until next time.

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