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People in Pampanga speak Kapampangan. It looks like a divergent dialect of Tagalog to the unfamiliar, but it is more closely related to the indigenous languages in Zambales than to Tagalog. English and Tagalog is well understood. Tagalog is generally spoken in areas bordering Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Bataan. Native Kapampangans, however, generally speak in Tagalog to outsiders, and Kapampangan publications and signage is hard to find.


It is also known as the Culinary Center of the Philippines. The province is widely respected for their Kapampangan cuisine and is believed to be the most evolved and refined of the Philippine cuisines. Several cuisines are said to be originated from the province such as Kare-kare, Sisig, and Kilawin.

Moreover the province is known for their Kapampangan favorites such as chicken and pork tocinos, beef tapa, hot dogs, and longganizas. The province is full of food to eat, so why not try these mouth watering food after a long day of playing Golf.

Progress flourished after the grant of independence to the Philippines. Industries began to make a headway, due to the accessibility of the province and the laying of the first concrete road from Manila. The largely agricultural commerce of rice and sugar became the flashpoint of agrarian unrest. Subsequent land reform brought peace in the countryside, and the religiosity of the Kapampangans as an influence cannot be discounted either. 350c69d7ab


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