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Ed Friedland - Expanding Walking Bass

A follow-up to Building Walking Bass Lines, this book approaches more advanced walking concepts, including model mapping, the two-feel, several 'must know changes,' and other important jazz bass lessons. CD includes a jazz trio for practicing standard tunes.

Ed Friedland - Expanding Walking Bass


Goal StatementThis book will expand on your knowledge of the basics by focusing on some of the finer points of walking bass lines. You will be exposed to some practical concepts to help you become more functional in a jazz rhythm section. We will branch out from the "straight ahead" and learn to stretch the boundaries of tonality.It is also a goal of this method to provide you with an opportunity to experience some "real world" situations and develop the skills to cope with them.

A thousand times YES. If you hear me play a funky bass line... a solo... whatever it is, for me it ALL comes back to walking bass lines. Here's the deal. You can learn scales, learn arpeggios/chord tones, but until you start actually using them to create real bass lines and grooves, it's merely a vanity project. i.e. "I can play a 3-octave major arpeggio - whoop!"... ok, great - but can you use it to create great bass lines, grooves, and solos?! Walking bass lines are the ULTIMATE platform for taking your arpeggios and scales, and learning how to REALLY use them. When you learn how to play walking bass lines - your bass playing and understanding of theory is going to go through the roof!

NOOOO! If I could get every single one of my students to learn walking bass lines from the exact day they first picked up the bass - I would. By learning how to construct and play walking bass lines you're going to give yourself a SUPER solid understanding of how and why bass lines work, and how to create them yourself. And on the other hand, if you've been playing bass for a while and feel like you can already play well, but have a heap of holes in your understanding how and why things work - learning walking bass lines is going to help you tremendously!

Description: 72 Pages This book/CD pack features over 50 examples covering walking bass, the two feel, 3/4 time, Latin, and ballads. It covers soloing, performance protocol, and includes seven complete tunes.


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