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How to Download and Use Trane Tracer CH530 Software

How to Download and Use Trane Tracer CH530 Software

Trane Tracer CH530 is a chiller-controller technology developed by Trane for use on large chiller products and serviced with a laptop-based tool called "TechView". TechView is a PC based software tool required for CH530 chiller start-up, commissioning, service, and maintenance tasks[^1^].

trane tracer ch530 software download

In this article, we will explain how to download and use Trane Tracer CH530 software for your chiller needs.

How to Download Trane Tracer CH530 Software

To download Trane Tracer CH530 software, you need to visit the official website of Trane and navigate to the Trane Controls Software & Firmware Downloads page[^2^]. There, you will find a section called "Tracer CH530 TechView Software Download" where you can click on the link to download the latest version of TechView.

The download file is a zip file that contains the TechView installer and a readme file with instructions on how to install and run the software. You need to extract the zip file to a folder on your laptop and run the installer. The installer will guide you through the installation process and create a shortcut on your desktop for TechView.

How to Use Trane Tracer CH530 Software

To use Trane Tracer CH530 software, you need to connect your laptop to the chiller controller using an RS-485 cable. You also need to configure the communication settings on your laptop to match the baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits of the chiller controller. You can find these settings in the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manual for your specific chiller model.

Once you have established the connection, you can launch TechView from your desktop and select the chiller controller from the list of devices. TechView will display the main screen with various tabs and buttons that allow you to perform different functions on the chiller controller. Some of these functions are:

  • Main processor software download: This function allows you to update the firmware of the chiller controller with the latest version available from Trane.

  • Configuration settings: This function allows you to view and modify various parameters and settings of the chiller controller such as setpoints, limits, timers, alarms, etc.

  • LLID binding: This function allows you to assign logical addresses to each device on the LonTalk network that communicates with the chiller controller.

  • Status and setpoints: This function allows you to monitor and control the current operating status and setpoints of the chiller controller such as temperatures, pressures, flows, modes, etc.

  • Diagnostics (active and historic): This function allows you to view and clear any active or historic faults or alarms that have occurred on the chiller controller or any connected device.

  • Mode selection: This function allows you to change the operating mode of the chiller controller such as manual, automatic, standby, etc.

For more details on how to use each function of TechView, please refer to the readme file that comes with the software or contact your local Trane service provider for assistance.


Trane Tracer CH530 is a powerful and flexible chiller-controller technology that can optimize your chiller performance and efficiency. To service and maintain your chiller controller, you need to download and use TechView software from Trane's website. TechView is a user-friendly tool that allows you to perform various functions on your chiller controller such as software download, configuration settings, LLID binding, status and setpoints, diagnostics, and mode selection. By using TechView software regularly, you can ensure that your chiller controller is running smoothly and reliably. 0efd9a6b88


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