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3 : Baharuth Empire

After the Bloody Emperor purged the majority of the nobles from power, he was left with a bureaucratic party to administrate and maintain his empire. He adopted many of the social reforms passed by the Golden Princess in Re-Estize, which allowed his country to successfully prosper.

3 : Baharuth Empire

The Baharuth Empire is the second most advanced human nation. Led by a leader possessing both military acumen and wisdom, the empire is undergoing economic, social, and industrial reconstruction. It was considered to be the envy of other nations, until the Katze Plains Massacre. Now that it has seemingly allied with a nation of non-humans, it has gained the hatred and mistrust of nearly all the surrounding countries.

Although there is a good chance that the worst fears of the Cardinals are true, one of them argues that it will not be such a good idea to turn the Sorcerer King against Momonga. But others disagree as directly involving themselves in politics can have dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, in the Baharuth empire, emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix finds a resignation letter from all the elites of his kingdom. He realizes that in a time like this he cannot afford to lose their support. As dark clouds gather on the horizon, El-Nix realizes that he must come up with a plan or else face the horrific consequences of failing to protect himself and his kingdom.

Studio Madhouse released not one but two teasers for Overlord Season 4 Episode 3. According to the preview, the upcoming episode is titled "Baharuth Empire," and it will focus on the kingdom's condition after the previous war. The Imperial Knights fear Ainz after witnessing his incredible magical powers during the battle, so they have no choice but to bow down to the King. Fulder Paradyne, the empire's last hope, also kneeled against magical powers. Jircniv, on the other hand, believes that Ainz could destroy humanity, so he works on a plan to dethrone the King.

Emperor Jircniv of the Baharuth Empire was in a tight spot. The empire, with the cooperation of the Ainz in the previous war, had won the kingdom almost unscathed. In reality, however, the imperial knights lost their will to fight, having been shown the fearsome power of the Ainz.

From then on, the empire had no choice but to follow the magical powers. Moreover, the trump card of the empire, Fuldur, has also bowed down to the magical powers. Even so, Jircniv believes that the Ainz pose a threat to mankind. He secretly plans to form an alliance against the mage powers.

Overlord is great at quickly building up grizzled, noble characters, and the Warrior King, a War Troll named Go Gin, is as grizzled and noble as they get. He and Ainz actually exchange some banter and laughter before getting down to it, when we see that the very best warrior an empire can offer is absolutely no match for even an Ainz Superleggera. 041b061a72


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