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Jordan Murphy

Video Copilot Element 3D v1.6.1 Win | CG Persia

A set of 223 tools will be equally useful to the motion designer and the video editor. Pack will accelerate the workflow and allow you to stylize your projects. It has everything to add compositional elements to the video, make color correction or spectacular transitions.

Video Copilot Element 3D V1 6 1 Crack By Spider All PacksVideo Copilot Element 3D V1 6 1 Crack

The Action Hits Pack consist of over 70 tools that combine motion elements for videos and animated graphics. This pack is ideal for VFX compositing and can provide an explosive power to graphic design. These are the best special effects to create a complex battle scene.

Package Action Hits includes following elements: explosions of dirt and dust, explosions with smoke, sparks and flashes, fantastic explosions, more than 30 elements to create your own effects (magic strokes, balls, spark circles, energy fields, etc). Remind that explosions and flashes are a trend-2019 in video editing.

The kit consist of elements of kinetic typography and video transitions for Adobe Premiere. All templates have tools that allow you to customize the animation and text. In this pack you can also find the project file .AE. If you want to change fonts, colors and animations in a specific way, just open a project and do it.

The pack consist of 15 video elements of the explosion and 25 musical special effects from PremiumBeat. For video editing you can find such VFX effects: tank shot, fireballs, explosive mushroom, oil rig fire, shock wave, smoke and others. Sound SFX effects are presented from shots of bombs, mines, grenades and more.

There are five types of footage which can be download for free: video chat, DSLR viewfinder, drone, video surveillance and video camera. This style was used in movies like Cloverfield 10, Chronicle, Paranormal. If necessary, you can change the look of the added elements.


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