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Ug Nx Mold Wizard Pdf Download

This 3-part article will discuss a few of the commands within NX Mold Wizard functionality that indicate the level of sophistication of the software product. Part 3 will discuss the steps that create the cavity and core inserts. In addition, it will discuss how to slice it into the two halves. It also provides a rough overview of completing the process of building parts and subassemblies of the complete mold assembly.

Ug Nx Mold Wizard Pdf Download

This is an essential step. If you remember from Part 2 of this article, this command creates the entire mold assembly structure. This includes subassemblies and many bottom level components that can accommodate optional parts and data that you may choose to include in this Mold Wizard process.

Mold Wizard has a function called Mold CSYS. This function allows you to change the product part location and/or orientation within the mold assembly without affecting the model in the product part file. This is of particular importance when it comes to the parting surface or plane of the part. It is important to place the part in space where that parting line/plane is relative to the two halves of the mold.

The entire outside of the part down to the bottom will be formed by the cavity side. We need to part the mold at that plane on the bottom of the part. Fortunately, that plane happens to be at the X-Y plane of ABS. No problem!

The Workpiece task allows us to define the core and cavity insert as one homogenous part. Mold Wizard can use that to calculate default mold base sizes, split into the individual regions using the parting geometry, and modify with the various mold tool. Most of these procedures can be done without changing Work or Displayed part. Mold Wizard does that automatically.

Speaking of configurations, do you remember when we first created the mold assembly structure by initializing a project? The mold configuration you selected will have an impact on what and how Mold Wizard will build for you.

You should also open up the Preview group of the Reuse Library to see what these molds will look like, at least in the basic definition. Upon selecting an actual mold base member, be patient. Mold Wizard is going to not only show you a picture in that Preview window but will also display a popup that has a side view diagram of the plate design.

The process of building this whole mold in NX is fairly painless compared to starting from scratch. There are certainly a lot of mold shops that already have their own templates, tool libraries, mold design philosophies, etc. that might not do a lot that Mold Wizard offers. A lot of companies are only aware of the price and not the extremely robust capability it now has.


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