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Yasuke (Dub) Episode 2

Takeru Satō is the chief episode director of the series with Satoshi Iwataki as chief animation director, Junichi Higashi as art director, Yuki Nomoto as the director of 3DCG, and Hyo-Gyu Park as director of photography. The character designs for the series were created by director and animator Takeshi Koike with Kenichi Shima serving as sub character designer.[13] Recording for the English cast was done at recording studio NYAV Post in New York City.

Yasuke (Dub) Episode 2

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In addition to serving as an executive producer and as part of the creative team, Flying Lotus also composed the soundtrack for the series.[14] "Black Gold", written and produced by Flying Lotus and performed by Thundercat, is the opening theme for the series, and the ending theme is "Between Memories" by Flying Lotus, featuring Niki Randa and Thundercat. Each theme was featured in five of the six episodes. Instead of going for a more straightforward hip hop or jazz focused soundtrack like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, Flying Lotus went for an organic take with the music being made in chronological order to reflect the main character's progression in the story.[15] Flying Lotus stated that he went for a more synthesizer-inspired sound mixed with Japanese percussion, African percussion, and hip-hop elements.

One of Okazaki's friends decided to make action figures based on characters, which were released in small amounts. After they were created, a producer from the anime studio, Gonzo, happened to find them and thought about the animated miniseries based on the manga. It took three years to develop, and that the studio created a trailer, which happened to catch the attention of Samuel L. Jackson.[16] It was announced that the series would be a five-episode "creative collaboration", between Jackson, Okazaki and Gonzo, and Wu-Tang Clan member RZA served as a music composer.[17][18]

In 2006, it was announced that Funimation acquired the rights to the anime series which would premiere on Spike, now known as the Paramount Network, later that year, and that Jackson would voice Afro.[19] Afro Samurai debuted on January 4, 2007.[20] The series premiered worldwide on Spike's website, where they streamed the first episode online. On May 3, 2007, the series premiered on Japanese television, in English with Japanese subtitles, and for the first time completely uncut.[21]

On May 11, 2007, Funimation released the first Afro Samurai DVDs at Anime Central, at their own booth, the regular Afro Samurai: TV Version and the uncut Afro Samurai: Director's Cut. Both DVDs were released to the public on May 22, 2007.[22] On September 4, 2007, all five episodes of Afro Samurai were released on iTunes. To promote this, Funimation released eight custom designed iPods by Takashi Okazaki.[23] In 2008, Funimation released the Afro Samurai anime series onto Xbox Live in high definition format and also debuted on Blu-ray Disc in that year.[24][25] The series was shown at the German Film Festival in Germany.[26]

The anime is a standalone 10-episode story about a street punk who becomes a mercenary known as an Edgerunner, developed by Studio Trigger alongside CD Projekt Red and Netflix. While it's due to be released next week on September 13, new DLC based on the show has already been added to Cyberpunk 2077.

Yusuke will once again change outfits in the All or Nothing OVA and in the manga. His main difference will be his hairstyle. In some episodes, his hair became messier when it is not slicked back, like when his body was taken care by Keiko until his revival, in his first fight against Chu in the Dark Martial Arts Competition, getting too much pain from Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb as his final test, trying to beat Younger Toguro after he swiftly killed Genkai and her dying words, being knocked down by Yomi which leads to his loss in the Demon Tournament and being treated his serious injuries and being washed up in the beach when Keiko had kissed him in the end.

In the final chapter of the manga (chapter 175), while Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Keiko, Botan, and Yukina were on a beach, Kuwabara explained to Keiko and the others (while Yusuke is far out in the beach away from them) that Yusuke chose the blue colored button. Yusuke's reason was simple: Blue is Keiko's favorite color. Yusuke said that if the kidnappers have their "god", then he has his own "goddess" (the term he used to refer to Keiko). Therefore, he chose the blue button. Luckily, it was the right button to stop the Laser. After learning this, Keiko confirms once and for all that Yusuke really loves her very much. She then chases Yusuke far out in the beach and happily plays with him with the ocean waves. This is where the kissing scene in the last episode of the anime could have happened.

The ending of the anime did make me feel satisfied as Yasuke himself circles back to the boy he saved many years ago when he was a servant with Nobunaga witnessing the whole ordeal. The boy recognizes him immediately and thanks him, Yasuke gives him a sword, and then disappears. Which after, again, three episodes of confusing but pretty scenes, gave me a sense of relief that I could connect something in the story.

In the anime, a story of Yosaku and Johnny's past appears in an episode of the Post-Arabasta Arc. It featured Johnny styling a mohawk, and Yosaku having a full head of hair. The episode recounts the two's encounter with the bandits Billy and Dick, their rescue of Harry, and how and why the two met and became friends with Zoro.[7]

While his time in Japan was short-lived, Yasuke's legacy has endured. Over 400 years since he first reached Japan's shores, the story of Japan's first Black samurai has appealed to creators of various forms of Japanese pop culture, appearing in children's books, manga, period dramas, video games, and even South African fine art. Afro Samurai, the protagonist in Takashi Okazaki's manga of the same name, is said to have been inspired by Yasuke. As for the man himself, until last month, when Netflix premiered an original six-episode adventure fantasy series bearing his name, the samurai had been largely absent from animation, leaving the rest of the world unfamiliar with his story.

Yasuke, thankfully, is a series that does not fit into that latter category. It packs a lot of ideas into only six episodes, even if that condensed episode count does leave viewers wishing for more. It's overflowing with style and feels different in ways that go beyond just its trailblazing protagonist. Yasuke, a story inspired by a tale that's more than 400 years old, is something that could only have been made at this moment in time. It's a step forward for Thomas and his creative team, and if they are able to continue Yasuke's journey, it could mark a step forward for anime as well.

Yasuke showrunner LeSean Thomas has had a reputation for headlining noteworthy animated series with Black characters, like Black Dynamite and The Boondocks. He also created the comic book series Cannon Busters, which debuted in 2005. Recently, in 2019, Cannon Busters inspired an anime of the same name that ran for 12 episodes.

As the story progresses, strange paranormal phenomena take place. For instance, a Chanel suit is exorcized in the pilot episode! Humor aside, the series also offers an anti-capitalist critique, along with an emphasis onhikikomori, the Japanese lifestyle of social withdrawal. 041b061a72


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