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HP Notebook PCs - How to Use NBDMIFIT Tool for AMT Configuration

What is Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l and How to Use It?

If you have an HP notebook PC with Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), you may need to use the Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l to configure your system after replacing the motherboard. This tool is a firmware update that allows you to commit the AMT settings and resolve the UUID issue that prevents the setup and configuration of an AMT system in Enterprise Mode.

Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l

What is Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)?

Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) is a feature of Intel vPro technology that allows remote management of PCs over a network. AMT enables IT administrators to monitor, maintain, update, upgrade, and repair PCs from a central console, even if the PCs are powered off or have a corrupted operating system.

What is UUID and Why Does It Matter?

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier, which is a 16-byte value that identifies a specific system or component. UUID is used by AMT to identify and authenticate the system on the network. If the UUID is read as all zeros, AMT cannot be configured properly and the system may display a warning message such as "Warning!! - machine is not in committed state!" or "Warning: This BIOS is Not for Production Use."

How to Use Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l?

Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l is a software package that contains the AMT ME firmware update and the NBDMIFIT tool. NBDMIFIT stands for Notebook DMI FIT, which is a tool that allows you to write or rewrite the DMI information on HP notebooks. DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface, which is a standard for managing PCs.

To use Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l from the HP website or contact HP support to get the link.

  • Copy the folder BrandXX (where XX is the version number) to the root of a USB key formatted as FAT16/FAT32.

  • Boot the notebook PC and press F10 to enter BIOS setup.

  • Go to System Configuration -> Boot options -> Boot Mode and choose UEFI Hybrid or UEFI Native mode.

  • Save and exit BIOS setup.

  • Press F9 to enter Boot Menu and select Boot from EFI File.

  • Select your USB key -> BrandXX -> Bootx64.efi.

  • Follow the menu to commit AMT and AT (Anti-Theft). Choose 1 to commit VPRO with AT, or 3 to commit Non-VPRO with AT.

  • Press 9 and then Enter key to lock descriptor and reboot the machine.

  • Press F9 again and select Boot from EFI File -> USB key -> BrandXX -> Bootx64.efi. You should see the message "Pass!!! This machine is configured".

  • Reboot to BIOS setup and disable EFI boot mode.

Congratulations! You have successfully used Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l to configure your HP notebook PC with Intel AMT.

What are the Benefits of Intel AMT?

Intel AMT offers many benefits for IT administrators and end users, such as:

  • Out-of-Band system access: This allows remote management of platforms regardless of system power or OS state. You can perform tasks such as power on, power off, reboot, reset, boot from a different device, access BIOS settings, run diagnostics, and more.

  • Proactive alerting: This reduces downtime and minimizes time-to-repair by sending alerts to IT administrators when a system experiences a hardware or software failure, or when a security threat is detected.

  • Remote HW and SW asset tracking: This increases speed and accuracy over manual inventory tracking, reducing asset accounting costs. You can collect and report hardware and software inventory data, such as model, serial number, firmware version, installed applications, etc.

  • Remote security management: This enhances system protection and compliance by enabling IT administrators to remotely configure security policies, enforce encryption, disable USB ports, wipe data, recover passwords, and more.

  • Remote patch management: This improves system performance and stability by enabling IT administrators to remotely deploy patches and updates to systems that are powered on or off, or have a corrupted OS.

How to Get Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l?

Amt Brand Tool Hp Download 15l is a proprietary tool that is not available to download in common. You need to contact HP support or an authorized service provider to get the link for the tool. Alternatively, you can use Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) to access Intel AMT features anywhere by using a web browser.

What is Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA)?

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) is a cloud-based solution that enables IT administrators to remotely manage Intel vPro platform devices over the internet. Intel EMA works with Intel AMT to provide out-of-band system access and control without requiring a VPN connection or opening firewall ports. You can use Intel EMA to perform tasks such as:

  • Power on/off/restart devices

  • Access BIOS settings

  • Reimage devices

  • Run diagnostics

  • Monitor device health and status

  • Configure security policies

  • D