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The script will try its best to find a job related to the selected entity(which can be a job, dwarf, animal, item, building, plant or work order) and thenmark this job as high priority. There is no visual indicator, please lookat the dfhack console for output. If a work order is selected, every jobcurrently present job from this work order is affected, but not the future ones.

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It is important to automatically prioritize only the most important job types.If you add too many job types, or if there are simply too many jobs of thosetypes in your fort, the other tasks in your fort can get ignored. This causesthe same problem the prioritize script is designed to solve. See theonMapLoad_dreamfort.init file in the hack/examples/init folder for a morecomplete, playtested set of job types to automatically prioritize.

The quickfort script reads its startup configuration from thedfhack-config/quickfort/quickfort.txt file, which you can customize. Thesettings may be dynamically modified by the quickfort set command for thecurrent session, but settings changed with the quickfort set command willnot change the configuration stored in the file: 041b061a72


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