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Harano Sur: A Classic Bengali Romance Starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen

Harano Sur: A Classic Bengali Romance Starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen

Harano Sur (The Lost Tune) is a 1957 Indian Bengali-language romantic drama film directed by Ajoy Kar, starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, with music by Hemant Kumar and sung by Geeta Dutt. The film is based on the 1942 American film Random Harvest and is regarded as one of the finest examples of Bengali cinema of this early period.

The film tells the story of Alok Mukherjee (Uttam Kumar), a businessman who loses his memory in a train accident and is rescued by Dr. Roma Banerjee (Suchitra Sen), who falls in love with him and marries him. However, another accident restores Alok's memory of his previous life, but erases his memories of Roma. Roma follows him to Calcutta and tries to make him remember their love, but faces many obstacles and challenges.

Harano Sur was the first film that Uttam Kumar produced along with Ajoy Kar and it became a huge success at the box office. The film showcases the legendary chemistry and charisma of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, who are considered as the most popular on-screen pair in Bengali cinema. The film also features memorable songs by Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt, such as "Tumi Je Amar", "Ei Sundar Swarnali Sandhyay" and "Aaj Sajan Mohe Ang Laga Lo".

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The film also received critical acclaim for its direction, screenplay, cinematography and music. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali in 1958. The film has been praised for its sensitive portrayal of human emotions and relationships, as well as its exploration of the themes of identity, memory and love. The film has been rated 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 276 user reviews. Some of the reviews are:

"Run of the mill - You can bet your life its not. ... The songs can transport you to a distant land where everything is perfect and happiness, never ending. Be careful, this movie is a very captivating one and one remains under its spell for a long long time." - sauravmitra

"One of the Uttam-Suchitra classics!! ... Watch it and i guess you wont regret!" - samratrc1417

"Good movie with a strong female lead ... In many ways, this movie is very progressive in its treatment of women. Rama, the main character, is a highly educated woman with a degree in medical psychiatry. She is a firm and outspoken advocate for the rights of her patients." - bkwrmgrl1

Harano Sur is a must-watch for anyone who loves Bengali cinema or romantic movies in general. It is a film that will touch your heart and make you appreciate the power of love. 29c81ba772


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