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Session 9(2001)

Session 9 is a 2001 American psychological horror film directed by Brad Anderson and written by Anderson and Stephen Gevedon. The film stars David Caruso, Peter Mullan, Brendan Sexton III, Josh Lucas, and Gevedon as an asbestos abatement crew who take a clean-up job at an abandoned mental asylum amid an intense work schedule, growing tensions, and mysterious events occurring around them. Its title refers to a series of audio-taped sessions with an asylum patient that run parallel to the crew's experiences.

Session 9(2001)

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While surveying the job site, Gordon hears a disembodied voice that greets him by name. The men begin their job, and Mike discovers a box containing nine audio-taped sessions that were recorded with Mary Hobbes, a patient who suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Mike begins listening to the tapes in the ensuing days. In the sessions, Mary's psychologist attempts to unveil details surrounding a crime she committed at her home two decades prior and Mary exhibits numerous personalities who have unique voices and demeanors. Meanwhile, Hank discovers a cache of antique silver dollar coins and other valuables from the crematory. Late that night, Hank returns to the hospital to retrieve the items, and discovers a lobotomy pick among them. He becomes frightened by noises and a shadowy figure, and is confronted by an unknown assailant.

Hank goes missing and the men split up to search for Hank, but Mike is compelled to continue listening to the tapes. Jeff and Phil descend into the tunnels underneath the hospital where Phil finds Hank, half-nude, muttering to himself. The generator runs out of fuel, leaving a terrified Jeff trapped in darkness. Mike restores the electricity and continues listening to the ninth session tape, which reveals that one of Mary's malignant personalities, "Simon," was responsible for Mary stabbing her little brother and parents to death. Phil finds Gordon in Mary's former hospital room, staring at photos from his daughter's baptism which he has pasted to the wall. Jeff emerges from the tunnels and is attacked by an unseen assailant at the company van.

Distraught, Gordon confusedly attempts to call his home to apologize to Wendy. An excerpt from the ninth session tape plays: Mary's doctor asks her "And where do you live, Simon?" to which "Simon" responds: "I live in the weak and the wounded, Doc."

Scholar Heike Schwarz states that Session 9 "refers to DID [ Dissociative identity disorder ] and a possible possession with a demonic personality."[7] M. Scott Peck also saw evil originating from weakness or cowardice.[8]

An asbestos abatement crew in dire need of work win a bid to disinfect an abandoned mental hospital. During their cleanup, complications arise between the team when one member goes missing after his curiosity gets the best of him and another finds recorded session tapes numbered 1-9 from an inpatient named Mary, who suffers from having multiple personalities.

If you aren't familiar, Session 9 follows an asbestos abatement crew who accepts a clean-up job at an abandoned mental asylum. Under a strict timeline to complete the task, the crew's emotions grow increasingly tense while working under physically dangerous conditions. Oh, and there's mysterious stuff happening around them since they are in an abandoned mental hospital, after all. The film's title refers to a series of audio-taped sessions with a former patient that are played alongside the crew's experiences. However, things are not as they seem, and the story takes a shocking turn at the end. Gevedon and Anderson found inspiration for the film from a grisly murder case in 1995 with details that I'll just leave for you here. The film stars David Caruso (CSI: Miami), Brendan Sexton III (Boys Don't Cry), Josh Lucas (Ford v. Ferrari), Peter Mullan (War Horse, Top of the Lake), and Gevedon himself.

Released in limited cinemas in 2001, Session 9 is a low budget horror film set in an abandoned mental asylum in Massachusetts. It follows a team of five aspestos-removal men hired to clear out the whole building in only a week. As the days tick by, the team, lead by Gordon (Peter Mullan) become More and more stressed, while Mike (Stephen Gevedon) discovers a series of tapes that record sessions with a former inmate called Mary who suffered from multiple personalities.

The title refers to a series of recorded sessions Mike discovers which contain the conversations between a psychologist and a schizophrenic patient. These serve as most of the creepy stuff for the films first couple of acts. Nothing is rushed. All signs point to a confrontational conclusion. When that conclusion comes, it is not entirely successful, even if it is ambitious. 041b061a72


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