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Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition 90 Day Trial 13

I am new to any sort of windows / .NET development but am preparing to develop an application for an embedded device that runs Windows CE using the .NET Compact Framework. I am downloaded the 90 day free trial of Visual Studio 2008 Pro which includes Smart Device development.

Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition 90 Day Trial 13

Hi there,This file is part of the MFC library, which unfortunately is notincluded with the Visual Studio Express Edition. To use MFC, you needeither the Standard or Professional Edition.You can download a 90-day trial of the Professional Edition here: -us/vs2008/products/cc268305.aspxChris

>> You can download a 90-day trial of the Professional Edition here:>> -us/vs2008/products/cc268305.aspx>>Is there something like Visual C++ 2008 (ie, C++ only, nothing>else)?>>Or maybe a VS 2008 Home and Student Edition?

All versions of Crystal Reports designer are 'Developer' editions. The last version which had Standard, Professional and Developer editions was SAP Crystal Reports Xi. The Standard and Professional editions were discontinued with the release of SAP Crystal Reports 2008. SAP Crystal Reports Xi Developer edition remains available and does everything that Standard and Pro could do - and more.

Up until SAP Crystal Reports 2008 (version 12), there were three different editions of SAP Crystal Reports available: Standard, Professional and Developer. All three editions function as fully-featured designers and also use the same software; keycodes determine the type of license and unlock the software accordingly:

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