APV 4 Wheeler Blueprints

APV 4 Wheeler Blueprints

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Complete digital blueprints in Solidworks.  Everything needed to build an APV 4 wheeler.  These plans allow for any steel supplier to CNC plasma or laser cut all the plates.  Frame pipes and all mechanical components are included as parts files.  A main assembly file showing precice fitament of all parts is included.  Tech support is always available, just call TANKCO.  A copy of Solidworks software on your computer is required to fully open or modify files.  Solidworks is available free for students.  Downloads are available but not for free since this software is copyright property of that company.  The APV design is copyright intellectual property of TANKCO L.L.C.




    Sent by USPS in a padded envalope to your mailbox for free!  16 GB USB stick with blueprints and instructions.  Also included are all the nessesary DXF. files for making all flat steel parts.  That means this USB stick could be plugged directly into an industrial CNC cutting machine.  Once on your computer DXF. files can even be E-mailed to your local steel supplier and the parts will be cut precicely and ready to weld together. 

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