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Industrial Grade Can Crusher

Industrial Grade Can Crusher

These can crushers are INDESTRUCTABLE and are designed to cycle millions of times.  Extremely smooth and low friction roller chain design.  They can crush aluminum beverage cans up to 25oz and crush them completely flat.  Mounts into any standard reciever hitch for tailgate partys.  Also can be mounted to walls, floors or workbenches.  Encourages people from throwing empty cans everywhere by running them through the crusher instead.  Fun and entertaining, requires very little force and can be operated by children.  Allows for hundreds of cans to fit in just a bucket instead of several garbage bags.  Never again will you have to pick up cans from all over the yard and take them away in bags.   Unbreakable strong and beautifully overbuilt from heavy metal.  Like using a bulldozer for a garden trowel.  Each unit is a hand made work of art, built just for you.

    $1,000.00 Regular Price
    $750.00Sale Price
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