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Premium grade 9mm bullet necklaces

Premium grade 9mm bullet necklaces

Premium grade ammunition made into 9mm necklaces. Using only the best chain. Nickel plated, stainless steel dogtag chain, which never rusts or fades. The bullet case is filled with epoxy and perminantly fastened to the eyelet. The brass shell case and the copper FMJ bullet are the real thing, just without the gunpowder. The entire thing is triple coated with automotive clear coat, so it will never corrode or smudge green on your skin, like cheaper bullet necklaces do. Both the chain and bullet are completely waterproof, so go ahead and swim in the ocean with it. Show off your style and love of guns with this highest grade, real bullet necklace.

  • Free shipping !!!

    Delivered in just a few short days, in a padded envelope, right to your mailbox, FREE.

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